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Upgrade VPN client from ASA

I'm try to upgrade all my ssl vpn clients but for some reason its not seeing the upgraded software. I  used the followinig document but was unsuccessful.  I'm running version 8.05 on the firewall and ASDM 6.2(5).  Can anybody help with this?

5510 redundancy question

setting up redundant 5510's with an outside interface an inside interface and a dmz interface.  The question is, will the standby unit go to active if ANY of the 3 interfaces goes down?  i.e. if the primary interface f0/2 nameif dmz goes down, will t...

w951duu by Beginner
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CISCO ASA_Blocking all traffic

Hello.I have a CISCO ASA firewall. The network looks like:LAN > L2 Switch > ASA E0/1 - ASA E0/0 > ISPThe interface E0/0 is connected to the ISP end & intercafe E0/1 is connected to my LAN of few PC via a L2 switch.The problem I am facing is, I can no...

Resolved! Missing crypto policy

Why would a crypto isakmp policy not be loaded from the startup-config into the running-config during a reload?  We had five policies, only four of which are in the running-config now.  No changes had been made after reload.  Thanx!

pootboy69 by Beginner
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Poor Performance

I have been working with Pix Firewall and ASA 5550.I am using the default policy configuration including inspect http.I got throughput 10 times biger without using inspect http (on both pix and asa) when moving files :wget http://averybigfile

standby ip required?

I have two routed ASA's that I want to run in active/standby mode.  But I'm short on IP addresses on the outside interface.  Is the standby ip address absolutely required for failover to function properly, or is that only used if that interface is mo...

ippolito by Beginner
  • 8 replies
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Resolved! From Cisco 873 to ASA 5505 (Firewall)

Hi,We have an old Cisco 873 for ADSL but we need the firewall configuration of this to be put into an ASA 5505 7.2(4). Can someone please check the configuration below if correct? If there is needed to change please help.Cisco 873:Current configurati...

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