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Hi,Having serious trouble getting my DMZ zone to work as planned.The setup is typical, having WAN interface, and a internal interface with a few vlans on it - besides that I now configured a new VLAN on a vacant interface eth0/3 which I am planning t...

pvj by Beginner
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hi all,we are facing a certificate error problem on the in-band mode NAC. While user tries to communicate with ms outlook via in-band nac after the NAC process, user get the certificate error message from the proxy server, but when user clicks the vi...

Resolved! nat-control

Hi All,Can someone explain me what is the use of command nat-control and no nat-controm on ASA. As I am newbie to ASA.I tried to search a lot on internet but I didn't simple and explainative answerPlease can anyone help me outThanks

I have a deployment of NAC Solution where CAM located @ HQ, Users at HQ has a dedicated CAS, while other sites has a seperate CAS/NAC Modular  located at thier sitesthe deployment is L3 OOB, in case the CAS at Remote site has failed, is there a way ...

I just upgraded to an ASA5520.  More or less everything has been going well.  I have a user in a SOHO with a small home network.   On his laptop once he enables his VPN he can not access his laptops printer or RDP into it.  I have split tunneling ena...

HMidkiff by Beginner
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Hello Dear's,Pls find the attachedSuggest me how the packets will flow towards both routers by ASA (OUTBOUND TRAFFIC) ???? and how can i get the redundancy and load sharing for both the Internet router,if 1 fails the another should be responsible to ...

Hello Everyone,We have a little problem with CAM and the users who have ip address static, we do not know why if the user has a ip static his computer does not pass any policies of CAM, like first step we review that the user have all the policies ne...

kathy-kat by Beginner
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Hello All,I can't seem to get ASA authentication request, or config changes alerts to be forwarded to our syslog server.  I'm able to see all normal ASA messages, blocked messages, VPN authenications, etc, but if I fail a login, or make config change...

smjaggers by Beginner
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