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I am new to cisco and have a question about upgrading the ASA and ASDM. We have a new 5510 that shiped with ASA 7.0(8) and ASDM 5.0(8). I have uploaded ASA 7.2(4) and ASDM 5.2(4) via the Gui but how do I get it to load the new .BIN files? Thank...

thellco01 by Level 1
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hi! how do i check what vpn protocol the client's pc is using? eg...ipsec and etc? Can the checking be done from the pc end? we do not have much access to the firewall. The issue is that the external vendor is trying to establish a vpn tunnel out fro...

dkblee by Level 1
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HI al.I'm trying to update two different FWSM on different chassis with version 4.1.3In both FWSm the result is the following:FWSM# copy tftp:// flash:Address or name of remote host []? Source file...

Hi all,I was wondering if the ratio of syslog msgs (24h) on my ASA is "normal." How does it compare to yours? :| Message Level      |  Messages  | Percentage |+--------------------+------------+------------+| 0 - Emerg       |         0       |      ...

forman102 by Level 1
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Resolved! ASA DHCP relay

Need to configure DHCP relay   Here is the setup:inside (clients are requesting DHCP) -  ASA5505 OUTSIDE  <---VPN Tunnel--> outside ASA5520 - inside DHCP Server I put the IP of the 5505 outsi...

gizbri by Level 1
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I have a PIX with multiple interfaces. Obviously there is an Inside, which is 10.x.x.x and the Outside faces the Internet.  PAT is being done with a "nat (inside) 1" command and a "global 1 interface" on Outside.  There are also DMZ's on two...

joshdloan by Level 1
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We have been using SNORT and now evaluating Cisco IPS sensors. The first question is:- We have 2 ASA 5510 configured as Active/Active failover and have 2 different data centers. How many IPS do we esentially need?My guess is 2 - one for each data cen...

gnaveen by Level 1
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The following is the nat rules for my asa5510static (LAN,WAN) tcp PCCW_Pri_SMTP ftp LAN_MS02 ftp netmask static (LAN,WAN) tcp PCCW_Pri_SMTP ssh LAN_MS02 ssh netmask static (LAN,WAN) tcp PCCW_Pri_SMTP www LAN_MS02 www n...

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