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ASA 5505 stop working

I am with a problem in one of the firewalls of my company. - Almost everyday the firewall stop working and I need to restart it because I lose the remote access; - This is a ASA 5505 with 7.2.4 firmware; - There is a configuration default that I use ...

PIX Reboot Daily 6.3(3)

Hi,My single uni cisco Pix with UR license keep rebooting from last 20 days approx, daily or after one day.i enabled logging, the only message i received was%PIX-1-101003: (Secondary) Failover cable not connected (this unit)Though its a single unit a...

Phantom Connections on FWSM

We have a transparent firewall context on a FWSM (code revision: 3.1(16).Recently the number of tcp connections has been increasing to a point where it hits the limit defined in the static and new connections are denied. However a "show conn | inc x....

mmelbourne by Contributor
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Resolved! FWSM on 6513 switch

Dear All,We have FWSM on 6513 core switche, we configure it in routed mode without natting (by just typing "no nat-control" command). Now i face a problem which is, the users in the inside interface can't access the Internet although i can ping any I...

connect to standby ASA

Hello, i have 2 5520's running active/standby. How do i connect to the standby unit to load a IOS upgrade with zero downtime? I can ping my standby ip address from the primary/active unit but obviously cannot telnet from there. can i only connect to ...

jwilder by Beginner
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Query - FWSM Security Levels..

Hi, I have two vlans defined on the FWSM, APP and DB,  For the APP vlan, Sec level is 60 for DB it is 100. I wanted to allow multicast from APP to DB and Vice Versa. The necessary NAT statement and ACLs are updated and connectivity is working from D...

Resolved! PIX 515 7.2(1) always reload

Hi All,   I have a big problem, I hope you can help me here. Since yesterday, I found out that my Pix Firewall keeps reloading until now. Is there someone out there experience this thing? Please help!!many thanks,reymon

Mhon Baul by Beginner
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