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FWSM memory partitions

Hi,I have a questions on FWSM memory partition. I understand that there are 12 memory partitions and we can configure how many partitions we need.If i set the number of partition to 6, then each partition will have more resources compared to if i se...

e-chuah by Beginner
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Resolved! VPN trough ASA5510

Hello,I have a problem that I have some trouble to understand and find a solution.I am using a ASA5510 for 2 months now about to be between an internet connection and a network of multiple VLANs, corresponding to multiple companies sharing the same i...

billetj09 by Beginner
  • 9 replies
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%FWSM-2-106007: err msg

Hi,I'm seing an abundant number of the following error-msg in my fwsm-syslog:%FWSM-2-106007: Deny inbound UDP from to due to DNS ResponseI know this issue has been discussed on many occasions before, but what I ca...

Resolved! ASA VLAN 1 connection to different VLAN

Hi all,I will be setting up a LAN(PCs and Laptops) at a customter's site. The customer offered to provide me with connections on their core switch on a separate VLAN. I will setup an Cisco ASA5505 on the edge connected to router. So, here is the topl...

TCP error message

Hello all,I am looking for some help. This is a strange one. My ASA5510 (ver 8.2(1)) works fine with other web site. But for some reason, we cannot access a website called: can access from my other location using PIX52...

gpan667788 by Beginner
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pix 506e and static routing

Hi,I have pix 506e that is not behaving the way it should.  I have three private networks, 10.100.150.x, 10.100.152.x, and 10.100.159.x.  The Pix is  I added static routes for the 152 and 159 networks but I can't ping them or see them....

pcguy1111 by Beginner
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ACL configuration Help

We have CISCO 877 ROUTER WITH A SINGLE EXTERNAL IP ADDRESS INSIDE (VLAN1)  = (DIALER1) = We have clients on INSIDE who have full internet access. We have NAT working – a one to many NAT. ip nat inside source stati...

Pix 501 boot loop

I recently had 2 Pix 501 went into boot loop. Both pix can be boot up normally after powering down and wait for 10 minutes. However, if I had tried to boot it up either by reload or not disconnecting it from power and not wait long enough, it will on...

eppiet by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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