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NTP Rule is bidirectional ?

Hi,I confuse how to work NTP traffic. My network device need NTP from window server. the firewall is between my network device and Window server .I enable NTP server service on window.So i would like to know If i open NTP port 123 on firewall for the...

MrBeginner by Enthusiast
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Disabling ESMTP inspection in Firepower

Hi,   I am getting the below log in my mail server while sending mails.   Jun 25 15:52:39 xxxxxxx postfix/smtpd[12595]: disconnect from localhost[]Jun 25 15:52:39 xxxxxxx postfix/qmgr[12566]: 32204DF9FE: from=<>, size=602, nrcp...

problem with sending mail from my mail server

i have the firepower 1120 and in dmz zone my mail server exists. the mailserver works ok, but when i try to sending mail on specific mail address i receive socket error 10053 and 10054 , i found somewhere on internet i must disable esmtp inspection, ...

gljubic by Beginner
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Resolved! FTD Snort3 questions

I am just trying to plan for upgrading FMC/FTD to Snort3. Several features included in the Snort2 I can not find anymore under the Snort3 configuration pages. Just want to check here in case I missed certain options: 1. There is no "Global Rule Threa...

m1xed0s by Contributor
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Server 2019 VPN firepower 1010

Hi I've been trying to configure the server 2019 native VPN service but when I go to connect from the windows 10 client it always gives me an error. What do I have to configure through the FDM to allow the win 10 connection to get through the firepow...

Cisco FTD Mgmt over Internet

Hi All,We have an FMC which has internet access but we manage it over an MPLS connection. All the FTDs managed by this FMC are connected with the MPLS connection. The Mgmt plane is configured with the IPs learnt via the same MPLS.Now we have a new re...

ssan239 by Beginner
  • 4 replies
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Unable to Login to ASDM

Hi All,Need your suggestion is fixing the login to ASDM. Getting Login Failed error even the same password works for SSH and also to download the launcher from https://ipaddress/admin. But when i login from ASDM getting Login failed error.I went thro...

ssan239 by Beginner
  • 5 replies
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