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Hi All,If need to nmap scan for security Can i some ACL command for permit nmap scan to ASA for tcp22/443.  Ex. access-list NMAPSCAN extended permit ip host <ip-nmap host> host <IP Interface Firewall>access-group NMAPSCAN in interface <interface-name...

jewfcb001 by Enthusiast
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Hi I was hopeing some one could explain how to do this.I am trying to restrict my core switchs (4506's) to only accept incomming SSH and Telent (managment) traffic that is directed to a single ip interface.I thought I could do this by placing a acces...

Can someone please help me understand the basic firewall configuration on the C1111 router. Cisco adds the following during initial configuration through the security INSIDEdescription Zone for inside interfaceszone security OUTSIDEdescripti...

jeremy0463 by Spotlight
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