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We are running a ASA5520 and I have configured for a RRI on a L2L tunnel, but the tunnel is not connected and the route is still in the ASA routing table. Is this the way the RRI should be working? I am trying to use 2 ASA's on two different ISP'S to...

Hi Experts,If there are multiple sub interfaces and vlans are created with different security levelsWill the traffic flows from high security level interface to low security level interface?.What is the case if we have the acls in place?Thanks in adv...

kr_madan by Beginner
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I am trying to remove the access-list of the PIX , but is appearing that the access-list does not exist.Following in annex the access-list AGUA/B# show run access-listaccess-list intranetB_access_in extended deny ip host ...

HiI have a PIX 506E and have problems with frequent disconnections on LAN side.E1 interface is connected to the switch and a server and workstation are connected to the switch. After 10-15 minutes I am not able to browse the internet both from server...

Dear Cisco Support, I have one clarification to be made on product 877-k9 Router. Does it support Remote access VPN IPSEC server, If so how many client users can connect to router using IPSec Say 10,20.. and does it require any licensing for upgradin...

rohandast by Beginner
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I have a problem accessing pix501 firwall via PDM using my Dell laptop with Windows XP, service pack3 and IE6, however I do not have any problems accessing the same firewall via PDM using the Dell PE2950 server running Windows 2003server and IE6. The...

rkowalcz by Beginner
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Customer with issue on failover all of a sudden. Still using the primary and secondary serial cable. When secondary comes up it assumes primary even though primary is up. Once up, the secondary does not pass any traffic and nothing works. Down the se...

whanson by Explorer
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We added an ASA 5510 to a subnet 10.10.1.x, gave the ASA ip address of We want to isolate traffic from server from the rest of the subnet. But once we connect the ASA to the switch it takes all traffic from 10.10.1.xx subnet.How ...

durhamcs by Beginner
  • 13 replies
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Hi..We got the two asa 5540, and we would like to establish failover between them.but something the problem occured..first of all, I will show you our license info.Licensed features for this platform:Maximum Physical Interfaces : Unlimited Maximum V...

syjeon by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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