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I have a few questions on Cisco firepower (FP) range of security/firewall devices that I could do with some guidance on as its not an area I have reviewed before for a risk assessment exercise.How regularly are security patches provided to plug vulne... by Beginner
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Is there a trick to getting one of the SFP+ interfaces to come up? I have an FPR2130 in platform mode with a 10Gb SR module plugged into the 1st SFP+ interface. from FXOS I can see the interface is an enabled admin state, but the operational state is...

Hello, We are currently using a Radius server to authenticate users using Anyconnect. The Radius server is tied to MS AD\Domain Users & \Domain Computers. So, any user who has an AD account can login using their AD creds. I have an assignment to crea...

zekebash by Beginner
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Hi, We would like to perform various testing on the Cisco Firepower and therefore we would like to stand up a Firepower in AWS.  I've created a cloudformation template and subscribed to the firepower aws subscription.  I created 4 network interfaces ...

sweigle88 by Beginner
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HiSo hope ive been getting this right if i want to block traffic to and from the same addresses I creat a rule it would be as the below source ANY   destination ANY  source networks  destination networks  Source ports Any  Des...

benolyndav by Enthusiast
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