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Hi,We had the show object-group command in 6.x wherein we will able to get the hitcnts on the object groups. But in 7.x this is not available. The show access-list gives the hitcnt for object group but i am looking for some command which gives a si...

Hello I just unboxed my new ASA 5510. I have the task to configure this and install onto my network. Currently we are running a watchguard firewall x700. I will be replacing this with the ASA.I will be swaping this out and putting the new asa in. Kno...

Resolved! PIX 515E

We are currently using PIX 515E with OS 7.0. We have some problems with email traffic and suspect the firewall is doing some funny things, so we decided to upgrade to OS 7.2. We have a redundant firewall with the same model and same configuration wit...

slee by Level 1
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I have a wierd situation at my customer site. PIX can ping some hosts on remote sites( hosts in the same subnet), but it can not ping others. It can ping default gateway of remote hosts. The next hop router can ping everything. Could it be sume bug i...

Hi,I'm looking to restrict VPN clients on the VPN Concentrator, to those that only have the Windows XP Firewall Installed.In order to do this, I need to select Custom Firewall and specify the Vendor ID and the Product ID.I'm struggling to find this i...

bfbcnet by Level 1
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class-map Pol-Lon-Tunnelmatch flow ip destination-addressmatch tunnel-group lon-newyorkpolicy-map Pol-Lon-Tunnel class Pol-Lon-Tunnel priorityservice-policy Pol-Lon-Tunnel interface outsidepriority-queue outside tx-ring-limit 128 queue-limit 2048Gu...

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