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Resolved! Acess-list with an object-group

I have a pix515e ver 6.3I defined a object-groupeg. pix1(config)#obect-group network mxly network-object network-object """"" " " network-object outside_acl permit t...

QoS for IPSEC encrypted GRE tunnel

I have an DSL router connected to a central site via a GRE tunnel. The tunnel is encrypted by IPSEC and works fine.- cisco 836 IOS version c836-k9o3s8y6-mz.123-2.XA6.bin- DSL 7550kbps/864kbps- ipsec encrypted gre tunnel- ipsec tunnel modeI'm trying t...

Resolved! allow netflow through pix 515e

i have a multilink connected to our isp that i want to monitor but it sits outside of our pix. how can i make this work? i searched this site but didnt find anything that applies to me. i attached a visio of our sure ill need a static nat ...

Resolved! vpn client asa 5505

I cannot get any Cisco Client to connect to a IPsec tunnel on an ASA 5505. I have used the wizard to configure the remote access vpn, use mostly default configs and then configured the Cisco Client to connect. I keep getting Group = DefaultRAGroup,...

kirkvold by Beginner
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ASA 5.1

I have an issue that I am trying to figure out how to fix it. What I am trying to do is this, I need to be able to have a machine on the inside network make a call to a machine in the DMZ using its outside number. I have a 1 to 1 NAT setup for my DMZ...

mgibson by Beginner
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Resolved! disable icmp

Hello, can anyone tell me how to disable icmp on my outside interface? I have tried everything i can think of and it is still replying to pings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

jwilder by Beginner
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Resolved! Maintaining UDP Sessions on PIX/ASA

Hi,I have a question related to how PIX/ASA firewalls maintain UDP session information. My understanding is that when there is a UDP connection from a lower to a higher security zone, the UDP server (e.g. DNS) in the higher security zone responds to ...

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