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Hi there, As a first-time user of FTDv, I have concerns about adding a new interface to my new device. I have added the PLR license to this device. Could you please tell me if I need to disable the current license to add a new interface and if so, wi...

san ju. by Level 1
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I am trying to organize our FMC firewall rules and need a logical way to group them together. I have explored the usage of Categories but it seems I would be creating over 100 "Groups" to clean up the layout of the rules. Is there another option that...

HI,   I have a FTD HA managed by FMC.   Can we have 2 différent timezones and 2 différents NTP servers on each device ?   the thing is that the FMC is managing many world wide sites and each site should have his own timezone.    thank you

sam cook by Spotlight
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