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Hi all,I recently upgraded my Concentrator to version 4.7. I can connect with the new client version, but not with the old client version 3.6. will 3.6 work with the upgraded version 4.7?

petersk11 by Level 1
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Hallo all, I have a problem with a cisco pix (535, version 7.0) - and I hope that someone can help me to solve it:In my opinion I should get a logmessage for every matching connection if I paste an log entry to an extended accesslist like:access-lis...

rplank by Level 1
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I need to allow outbound access to an IP address on destination port tcp:8443 using https. Simply adding the rule to the rule base doesn't permit the connection even when just restricted by source/destination ip address. Is this because of default...

b_learoyd by Level 1
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I have created and enabled a new interface (DMZ) on a Pix 516E. In the PDM an Implicit Outbound Rule was automatically created for this interface. I could get out to the internet with no problems. I however need to open some ports from the DMZ to ...

We will be using our IPS 4255 as an IDS (promiscuous mode, NOT in-line). We will be utilizing a network tap to capture the traffic.1. Does the IPS 4255 has the ability to work with the PIX firewall to block traffic?2. If we are using a network tap...

vxnguyen by Level 1
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Hi!As I wrote in my previous post I have problems on permitting H323 traffic through a PIX 520 IOS ver 6.3 (3).I used a configuration like the one reported in this documentation by CISCO:

I have what I hope is a stupid question. In the past I had a windows server doing my DHCP and now I am moving that to my new ASA 5510 firewall. In the past if I wanted to look up who was given an IP I was able to see what comptuer name was given what...

WE have a pix 515 running Ver 7 Fos standalone .We would like to understand what are the methods/best practices available to test the PIXs availability1)Snmp traps2)Mail alerts3)Snmp polling4)Icmp pollingWe would like to know which of the above would...

Dear siri have a ASA 5510 with AIP-SSM 10. already i have configured DMZ Network .now i am configure a AIP-SSM 10. Please help to configure the sameRegsS.Mohana sundaramKavilipalayam,Coimbatore,INDIAMobile : 98940-44411

Hi, I wanted to open my PIX 525 so that I can Remote Desktop to any PC in my DMZ. Currently, I have only one available IP and using PAT to do this job. I thought I have done the right thing's but kept on falling. Anyone can tell me where did I when w...

DarlienDA by Level 1
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