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I have two FTD 2110 devices. There are in a high availability pair.  Sometimes they switches automatically for the reason: Inspection engine in other unit has failed due to snort and disk failure (detailed information in the picture). Cisco Fire Linu...

Resolved! Security Question

We are in the process of installing security in our organization. I have made some of the priorities. Could you please confirm if I am missing something on security side. Physical SecurityCCTVWeb SecurityhttpsPatches for allLayer 3 ProtectionVPN IPSE...

gurwinkle by Level 1
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We have following hardware:Cisco Firepower 1120 Threat Defense (78) Version 6.6.1 (Build 91)Cisco Firepower 4110 Threat Defense (76) Version (Build 34) Netflow collector does not understood Netflow exported from FTDs above. Found with Wiresha...

Hello All,   Need to upgrade my ASA 5525-x with firepower Services managed by virtual FMC. I have gathered compatibility matrix of between ASA and asa firepower Services. Current Asa version 9.8(3)  Target version 9.14(2) Current FMC version 6.2.3 Ta...

vishal77 by Level 1
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We’ve faced an issue from FMC that’s when we try to edit the ACL policy, (Policy >> Access Control>>Access Control Policy Editor), it can’t be loaded and after a minute of loading, it automatically goes to Summary Dashboard Page.I’ve tried changing t...

SaintEvn by Level 1
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Dear ALL, I'm looking to setup the AnyConnect VPN service, our FMC are using internet IP to connect the FTD FW(no any VPN), i had added the AD server under "integration->Realms", but the connection always failed.I would like to know the AD server is ...

I've created a new BYOL ASAv on AWS using an m4 machine type and it's having problems starting. It performs the initial boot, platform type detection etc, then restarts. However, it then hangs on the screen below. It's been like it for about 20 minut...

rs101 by Level 1
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