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I am helping a client create a Vendor VPN on a 5515 ASA.  They will be limited to a single subnet but need access to one internal IP address for internal DNS.  We have the ACL's in place but DNS will not work.  I did an asp-drop packet capture and am...

I have working, Site 2 Site VPN between 2 location and ASA1 is managed by me.The ACL at ASA1 in inside interface is from source to dstn at port 3389 .I want to know in which interface the ACL has been applied on ASA 2 if it is...

SajeshB by Level 1
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Hi All I've an ASR1002 which NAT some traffic.Since I check the translation table , some lines dont show anything about protocol and instead show "---" so too about outside local and global.(The red part in picture)Anyone knows what the story is ?Exp...

Adel3 by Level 1
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