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pix 520 error on bootup

Hi I have got a PIX 520 that I cannot seem to get working. The following message is displayed. Any ideas what the cause could be. Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Version 5.3(2) open(ffsdev/2/read) failed An internal error occurred. Specifically, a programm...

thomasw by Beginner
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Resolved! pix 515 static question

I have setup a pix 515 at home on my broadband connection for testing. I was wondering if it is possable to use the static command to map a Internal to the dhcp assigned address from ISP. I have setup a reverse DNS client to map the dhcp assigned WAN...

vg200 by Beginner
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configure PIX for two isps

MY customer have two adsl line (isp) to internet , he want me to configure PIX 515e ,each adsl need to do nat, how should i config my pix , (I know that router can do policy routing if have two isps )

mingchieh by Beginner
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PIX and RIP behavior

From my understanding, a PIX will not process and/or accept routing protocol updates from RIP but it it has IPSec tunnel connected networks available then it is capable of advertising via RIP the networks that are available thru it.Is this correct? ...

tato386 by Frequent Contributor
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pix 515 w/ 6.22 IOS

Looking for any ideas:I have installed vpn access on the pix. When the client logsin from from home using their cable connection they can access everythingon the LAN. However, their Internet access does not work through therelocal connection.To fix...

oevans by Beginner
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NTLM through Pix

Hi all,Can anyone tell me how to configure pix so that I can get NTLM authentication working. I have a web server in my DMZ which needs to talk to my inside network to allow the authentication to function. What ports do I need to open up?ThanksSantos...