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I've got a 515 Pix Firewall that I wanted to check if port 110 was open because I cannot POP3 into our Exchange server. I never worked on a Cisco firewall so I do not know any commands. Could you tell me how to check this on the firewall and also the...

I'm intrested in PIX certification( CSPFA) for better job opportunity, but to get certification I need to clear four papers(MCSN, CSPFA,CSIDS,CSVPN). Getting training on all these are not possible due to cost/fee and location of courses.My question i...

Is it possible to configure the following:networkA(watchguard firewall) --ipsec-->networkB(pix)--ipsec-->networkC(pix) where connection atempts from networkA to networkC are translated to networkB addresses first so that connections are transparent ...

b.s by Beginner
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I am tuning the DFM to filter the alarms that I don't want to see. I am trying to setup "Expression Filering" in the DFM Console but I am not well versed in regular expressions. My problem is: I want to filter EVENT "Unresponsive" for CLASSES "Switch...

Hi, I have a Pix 525 6.1(1) with 2 ethernet interfaces Inside -> lan, private adresses Outside -> InternetI have 3 different public subnets and I need to define static NAT in the 3 subnets that point to internal servers.Can I do that with the Pi...

dlandr by Beginner
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I have PIX 515 running version 6.X . I used my desktop to access PDM.After upgrading my IE to version 6, I cannot access PDM anymore. I am getting the message " the page cannot displayed " on my browser.Does anyone know how to get around this problem...

Hi,our customer has the following installation: CD-One 4th-edition on Win2000-Server.The campusmanager does not show all cat2950 wich are connected to cat 3550-12G with enhanced image. Each uplink to the 2950 is configured as "switchport mode access"...

After adding route statements to an additional 515 we installed to support an extranet connection (we have 2 515s running in failover mode for all other connections), the routes were never propagated and had to be added manually to our core switch as...

smiller by Beginner
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Lot of companies have been hit by SQL 2 virus regardless of having a PIX intheir networks. I am just curios,if by default all packets are denied fromoutside to inside unless one opens it manually throughconduit/access-list,what is it good to apply ac...

abbas.ali by Beginner
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Hi,I have a PIX firewall 515 with 6 interfaces.I am using all the 6 interfaces(4 DMZ and 1 outside and 1 inside).Now lately i have observer that the utilization of the firewall is going hign.I want to see the statictics on the interface and the firew...

Does anyone know of a way with the PIX as a VPN Termination point to allow single sign on? It's frustrating my users to have to log into the VPN via RADIUS and then login again to each mapped drive they create. I wish there was an easier VPN solutio...

sketterman by Beginner
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