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Cisco ASA 5515X Firewall. Getting a coordinated syn attack against one of our websites hosted behind the firewall.. My ASA's CPU is going to 100% and not allowing legitimate traffic through during this attack. It completely shuts down. It is configur...

rfranzke by Beginner
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Hi, What are the benefits (if any) of having a different IPS policy for incoming traffic to internal servers and another for outgoing traffic focused on users? What is the best practice, keep a single policy for both scenarios that simplify the opera...

On FMC 4000 (running software) I am unable to delete SNMP alerts i.e. on the FMC when I navigate to Policies > Actions > Alerts when I attempt to delete an SNMP alert, the message shown in attached screenshot appears:i.e. "This Alert Configur...

dam0c0nr0y by Beginner
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I am trying to replace the Cisco logo in the AnyConnect client with our own. I have followed the instructions below, but have not had any success. Has anyone gotten this to work?

Is there a way to combine FMC DNS SI lists by the domain name feature and a particular DNS query type? Let's say I want to avoid type A DNS queries but I let type AAAA queries to go out for domain A, but I want both A and AAAA allowed for domain B. O...

HQuest by Beginner
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ProductsFunctionMinimum VersionRequired?Firepower 4100 or 9300Hardware platform to run the ASAFXOS 1.1.2RequiredFirepower Chassis ManagerFXOS GUI device managerFirepower Chassis Manager 1.1.2Optional; you can alternatively use the CLIASAFirewall appl...

George-Sl by Beginner
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