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Hello.My ASA 5516-x don't connect firepower.I launched asdm, asdm is stucked "software completed" about 1-2 mins.after 1-2mins, asdm boot up, but I can't see firepower panels.and I clicked "ASA firepower Status", ASDM is stucked constantly, so i need...

asdm 로그인.PNG asdm 로그인 후.PNG
GaeMi by Level 1
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I am trying to change the syslog port number from udp/514 to udp/5141.  However when I look at the traffic it appears to still be sent on udp/514 logging enablelogging trap informationallogging asdm debugginglogging host inside 17/5141

hi,i want to access the asdm when connecting through any connect vpn, when i connect through anyconnect, i get an ip from a pool of,i added this to my ASA config:http Insidebut still i cant access the asdm, is th...

AhmadZ by Level 1
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Hi All, Could someone share the sample configuration template for integration of saml2.0 with asafwand what certificates are reqd and how to install ?We're using authentication via LDAP as of now and looking forward to integrate with P'fed'te.Would l...

secureIT by Level 4
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I recently setup a backup/fail-over ISP using this guide: We now want to switch over to the backup ISP as the primary for all...

tim829 by Level 1
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ASA 5506-X running as ASA only 9.13.1 My Exchange server ( is unable to connect to the addresses because of a perceived SYN AttackThis is preventing my SSL certificates from working properlyIs there any way to whitelist th...

Hello Team,the customer internet link is terminated to FTD 2140.. and currently peak utilization is around 1 GB.. but i don't know the concurrent VNP connection during the peak utilization time... Just want your help to size the internet bandwidth.. ...

Hi Team,I am using Cisco FMC Virtual Machine my firewall model is Cisco Firepower 2110.I am facing the issue that is my FMC virtual machine storage space is used 100%, now I am unable to access my FMC via browser also I am not able to access it with ...

Hello for everybody. We are trying to install firepower 1120. Current problem is that we cant to connect device through static outside ip to internet and activate id token. Is there any additional steps for assigning a static external ip address inst...

kapydan88 by Level 4
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