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i have attach my ASA config site to site vpn with note for the remote site that i need to access

 i have attach my ASA config site to site vpn with note for the remote site that i need to access  so i have problem with my config can any body help as my main purpose it to access application server (SAP systems) and i cant so i dont know the probl...

amralrazzaz by Contributor
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CISCO ASA Firewall Rule

Hi everyone, I am newbie on cisco asa firewalls, need your help on setting up a rule that allows my internal subnet to connect to internet but with a destination different than 'any'. ExampleSource: Internal Subnet Destination: Internet (not 'any' cr...

rey1385 by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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Renew Firepower subscription

Hi   We are in process of renewing IPS license for Cisco ASA source fire modules.However we are not seeing the end date for IPS subscription(it says never expires but need IPS term subscription). How we can find end date and order number for the same

anvar by Beginner
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Resolved! FTD Firepower not working

i installed cisco fmc and ftd on my esxi local fmc working fine but ftd not working not accessible i put manual ipv4 and gateway but ftd not acces what problem i add snapshot what is the problem please help thanks


Resolved! IPsec migration From ASA to FTD

Hello, I'm migrating 33 IPsec tunnels from a 5520 to a 2110 FTD. I ran into couple issues:   1-Trying to do a hub and spoke topology but there's a limitation with the pre-shared key that it should be the same across all the spokes. Why is that 2-I ha...

NETAD by Enthusiast
  • 7 replies
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Unable to launch ASDM due to Java Runtime

Hi Team,   I'm not able to launch ASDM only for 2 firewalls out of 6 firewalls we manage. Browsers throws Java error. It is weird that I'm able to access all other firewalls with ASDMs. Only 2 particular firewalls are not accessible whenever the Java...

gowri111 by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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Resolved! Configuring IP SLA Monitor

Hello,  I have a Site to Site VPN, and I'm unable to get the IP SLA Monitor I setup to keep the tunnel up.   I'm using Cisco FMC 6.2.2 with FTD HA Pair Cisco Firepower 2120 Threat Defense (77) Version (Build 109) Vendor is using AWS   I have ...

rmorenobb by Beginner
  • 6 replies
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