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Resolved! Last Local Malware Detection not up to date

  I have a 5506-x ASA running version (build 42) for my firepower. It appears that even though i have the license installed, the AMP database hasn't been able to update since mid of August.   The problem seems to be with the certificate not b...

pantelis1 by Beginner
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VTI with a ZBF and acls ?

Hi    Now it's possible to setup VTI's on a ASA when using IkeV2, can you setup the asa like a iOS router and set a zone based firewall with ACL's?   I would preferably like to use zones, but when I try and keep it simple and just add a ACL to a vti ...

broadleon by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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FTD Interface Traffic

We have 4 different 9300 firepower devices that are managed from a FMC 4000 appliance. In the FMC dashboard for interface traffic, I can only see traffic from one interface. Is there a way too view the traffic from all FTD appliances on the individua...

Block 3rd Party RDP Apps

I have a request from management to block 3rd party remote desktop applications at the firewall.  I'm wondering if this can be done on an ASA, possibly through the Service Policy Rules...     ASA-5545 version 9.2(4)27   Any advice would be appreciate...

sabinj by Beginner
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Cisco firepower 9300

Please help me to find the differences in Chassis management and firepower management . In firepower 9300 i can see management port for only to manage chassis . Also share document how to achieve HA in fdm (local manager) .

My license is invalid for ASA5506X

I have setup firepower and access rules for inside7 and outside to deny any   i notice that inside1 can connect internet if outside connect WAN link   then after add license and verify or submit license downloaded or from email it return license is i...

Masi5 by Beginner
  • 2 replies
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dot1x authentication failed

Hi,   A user is getting dot1.x authentication failed. I connected the user laptop to the switch and i shut& no shut the switch interface. I got the following debug logs.   the config on the switch port is same as the other port and rest of the ports ...

Rickey369 by Beginner
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ASA DHCP relay UDP request discarded

Hello   I'm working on setting up a management network for access points and the APs don't get any IP addresses.  I can't get the DHCP relay to work.   dhcprelay server insidedhcprelay enable MGMTWIFIdhcprelay setroute MGMTWIFIdhcprelay ...

jakopax by Beginner
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How can a static route just disappear?

Hello, We had an issue with our ASA55065X this evening where our static route was lost, and subsequently our company lost Internet connectivity.  A technician was working on getting AnyConnect AAA Authentication restored when he claims that suddenly ...

BE_IT by Beginner
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Resolved! Inline NGIPSv

I have an ASAv with a trunk port-group going to it, and I am looking to move an NGIPSv inline between it and the internal resources. I had some questions I am having trouble finding a definitive answer for. Does the NGIPS virtual appliance support VL...

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