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How can I get cpu usage from fpr4125 via snmp? I Tied to use this oid but it shows strange information about 8-9 Percent, however when I check cpu usage in the CLI I can show average about 20% 


Hi, The FTD 1010 with FDM 7.2 or 7.3, supports pagp mode? I only saw the LACP active or etherchannel in mode on. ...

Hi, Does anyone know how to search for a specific rule on the FMC access policy? At the moment for example when I search for rule_#1 it gives me the results of everything with rule_#1 such as rule#10, rule_#111, rule_#1111 etc. Thanks,Dan 

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hi,i'm checking the new 3100 FW series and noticed the on board MGMT is a fiber SFP.not sure why it's design/built this way and not the provide the usual GE port and to patch to a switch (or use copper SFP)?it's costly to get SFP and fiber cable just...

Dear Team,Currently I'm facing with the ASA firewall CPU utilization high issues (72%), I just want to clarify that is normal usage for the level. It's using for Core firewall tier how can i solve this issues. Thanks.corefw01(config)# show processes ...

Resolved! Monitoring traffic

Hello,I recently got a complain on the internet streaming through our internal network going out to Youtube or Facebook.In the normal hours, we are working fine, no one complain about the traffic or the streaming, smooth on everything.But during some...