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Hello everyone, I am still new in the NETCONF/YANG and NSO field and I would like to ask some questions:      1- How am I supposed to edit the YANG file?       2- I have made a NETCONF device on NSO but how would I like to manipulate the configuratio...

Resolved! NSO XML Template Problem

Hello everyone! After upgrading NSO 4.7 to NSO 5.7, I tried to add previous Services to the new NSO version but when I perform a packages reload, a XML template error is displayed: "The node: [node-name] contains unxpected data".  These are the servi...

casbarre by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! YANG Reference Issue

Hi everyone. After migrating NSO from version 4.7 to version 5.7, when I recompile some of the custom service packages, the following warning is shown: yang/rsvp-te-tunnel.yang:224: error: the node is config, but refers to a non-config node 'name' de...

casbarre by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! How to check if it is a dry-run in python for a service

For the service that I am writing, I have some python code that I would like to run on a commit, but not a dry-run. I know that in the pre/post modification it gives me the parameter 'op', which will tell me if it is a CREATE/UPDATE/DELETE happening ...

Issue with "no shutdown"

Hi experts,    Just seeking out your advice on this. As  you know, Cisco interfaces are “shutdown” by default. I’m using NSO for automating link provisioning, but I´m unable to do “no shutdown” via NSO xml template. I added this line on the template...

Resolved! NSO Docker

Hi Devnet team, Thanks to the following great article, https://developer.cisco.com/codeexchange/github/repo/NSO-developer/nso-dockeri was able to deploy an instance of NSO using a docker container.However, as soon as i expose & publish some ports i c...

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jeyriku by Beginner
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Resolved! Testing of NSO service package's YANG module and template

Hi. I am new to NSO and am trying to find ways to perform validation of YANG modules and related service templates. Use case is to allow network engineers develop those for different service package deployments and have a mechanism to validate the YA...