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I installed the NSO developer studio and explorer in visual code, followed the requirements in documentation after created a package, but those highlighting do not work for me, visual code (on the window that popped up when creating a package) is hig...

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Is there an option to do a merge instead of create with the maagic api? The use case is multiple services are modifying a rfs service and the one with the .create() removes the other services additions.Something like svc = root.ncs__services.foo.crea...

R-8 by Beginner
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Resolved! NSO and Netbox

Hi.I have tried to use the netbox plugin (i guess unofficial) with nso (5.8) to import my devicesI am able to get this working, but I am encountering one little hickup, and wonder if somebodyhave a workaround, have tweaked the python code or any othe...

I have developed a package in python that produce debug log (using "self.log.debug). The I ported the package on another  NSO installation (versione 5.7). The package work fine but logging is limited to "INFO" (generated by self.log.info).I guess the...

Fantolino by Beginner
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