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Is there a way to increase the idle timeout time in the web GUI? We've had it on the backlog for a bit and it timed out in the middle of a demo the other day. I have dug through the admin guide but if it was in there I must have missed it. 

Hi team,   I'm having an issue with NSO local install on my laptop. When doing "packages reload", everything looks fine from CLI however, the new model of the package doesn't get loaded and I need to restart NSO with --with-package-reload fla...

dvulovic by Cisco Employee
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Hi, I am using and have not been able to leafref from a service into a NED config as shown above.  I understood that there was a known limitation in NSO 5 due to CDM. I am working on a port to NSO and saw this in changes:ncs: In CDM, ...

I’ve created two packages using “ncs-make-package service-skeleton python-and-template”. The first is intended to be augmented by the second.I want to have code associated to the latter package, so that when the branch defined in the second yang mode...

Fantolino by Level 1
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Is it possible to trigger a sync-from or action from load-merge? We have a service that needs to wait until a maintenance window to be pushed. The thought was to have a few load-merge files ready to go for the person running the maintenance window. O...

tsiemers1 by Spotlight
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HiI added a device (vcv1) to NSO with NETCONF NED. Can successfully sync-from the device, but the following check-sync command returns "result unsupported". What is unsupported and why?admin@ncs> request devices device vcv1 sync-from        result tr...

Iman1 by Level 1
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Hello!!   I am following this link for step wise sol003 deployment on ESC, https://confluence-eng-sjc1.cisco.com/conf/display/NSOUS/NFVO+0.0.6+-+IOSXRv9k+-+ETSI+Instantiation There is a mention of create-zip.sh. Is this any special script? or just us...

neetimit by Cisco Employee
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