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VMware Upgrade License Issue on BE6K Server

Larry White
Level 1
Level 1

Has anyone else upgrade VMware from version 5.1 to 6.0 on a BE6K server?  After upgrading the VMware, is shows the license is in "evaluation mode".  Since this VMware was installed on the BE6K server, we did not have to register it with VMware and do not appear to have the license key needed to upgrade the license to version 6.  Has anyone else encountered this issue, and if so how was it resolved?  Or any suggestions on how to proceed with this issue?  Thanks. 

1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions

As of now BE6K and BE7K servers only come with VMWare ESXi 5.x license. If you need to upgrade  BE6/7K servers to ESXi 6.0, you will need to get licenses directly from VMware as of now.

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The 6.0 versions of vSphere server require new license keys to enable 6.0 functionality. while upgrade if we do not enter the licence key the server goes into the evaluation mode. and vSphere 5.x licenses does not work on vSphere 6.0, hence require new license key.

refer below docs to get the next action plan: language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=2059926 a Standalone ESXi Host

Your first link the KB article shows the following:  The SnS Contract for the product is active, can the license key be upgraded in My VMware Portal?  Ver 5.5 to Ver 6 - Yes   On the BE6K server, does Cisco register the license key with VMware?  And do they have Support Contract?  If so, if we have SmartNet with Cisco, can we get the key so we can upgrade on the VMware site?

As of now BE6K and BE7K servers only come with VMWare ESXi 5.x license. If you need to upgrade  BE6/7K servers to ESXi 6.0, you will need to get licenses directly from VMware as of now.

Sudheer Shenoy
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Larry,

You can now directly get the license from Cisco Product Upgrade Tool (PUT).

1. Login to

2. Put your contract number.

3. Select "Advanced" option and search for "Cisco UC Virt" and you will find an option "Upgrade to 6.0 via SWSS". Order this license. The key will be sent in 48 hours. 

This key does not require activation on or Upload the license serial number directly to virtualization software. 

Best Regards,

Sudheer Shenoy

Sudheer, These part numbers no longer show up in PUT under Guided or Advanced. They only show up in the list of all available part numbers but cannot be ordered from that screen. What is the current, correct process for ordering these now?


R-VS6-FND-K9-UPG=     Cisco UC Virt. Foundation Upgrade to 6.0 via SWSS
R-VS6-HYP-K9-UPG=     Cisco UC Virt. Hypervisor Upgrade to 6.0 via SWSS



I'm also interested in this, can't find UC VIRT in advanced PUT search with my contract =(

Hi Sudheer,


I finally found one place (your reply) that completely answers this question! I successfully followed your process and am now waiting for the license key. 


My question is:

From the email I received, I see a quanity of 12, how do I distribute these across my servers?  Is it one per server, one per CPU?




Cisco UC Virt. Hypervisor Upgrade to 6.0 via SWSS






We have several supported UCS C Series servers - do I simply install the SAME key on all the servers?







I opened up a TAC case and was informed that the exact same license can be used for each of our B6K UCS C Series servers and it hard coded to a 2CPU.  No idea why our original reseller and previous engineers had purchased a count of 12 as we don't have that many B6K.


Hope this helps others that are upgrading to ESXi 6.x



if we've successfully upgraded to version 6. The upgrade PID was R-VS6-HYP-K9-UPG=. Can you please tell me what PID maps to SWSS or ISV1 so that my customer is now supported for version 6? The prior version 5 PID that was covered by SWSS was VMW-VS5-HYP-USEL. Please assist ASAP... Multi-Year SMARTnet renewal lays in the balance! Thank You!

Hello Peter,

After placing order on MCS , upto when you received licenses from Cisco ?
You received hard copy or soft copy over the email ?