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As a service provider we were received complaints from our clients that they are receiving only 20 - 30 % of promissed bandwidth.We have enough amount of BW available at our Cisco Router .Can anybody sujjest any solution.Our 3640 router is running wi...

We are looking to improve our website both in functionality and performance. Does anyone have any example templates showing fairly detailed configuration examples. We will have FTP HTTP, and probably need secure commerce at some point. Also there is...

dagreer by Beginner
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Hi Peter,I am studying on a project that we want to use VPN.There are 18 sites. 15 of them have few users (at most 5) and 3 of them have more. We choose the following products. Do these products suitable for this project.There are totally 50-60 users...

namiky by Beginner
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I got a cisco 2610, a PIX 515, VPN client 1.1.....now i m goin to implement IPSec for VPN clients, goin to terminate VPN clients on the PIX. Now I am doin NAT on the PIX, for my 4 internal network. Now the design is i m usin a RSM to route b/w these ...

We have outsource VPN and firewall, now we want to make the VPN and security inhouse. I recently got these equipment and have desgined my network as:I have a cisco 2610 with its serial connected to the internet. PIX 515 , its outisde interface is con...

I have Cisco 2610 with IP PLUS IOS 12.1, connected to PIX 515 UR. I am goin to terminatemy VPN clients on the PIX, for that i assume i will not need ne extra software or hardware to terminate my VPN clients with ver 1.1 using IPSec. PIX ver 5.2. Now ...

Hi,I have some questions, please help me:Have you got some configurations of router 2600 ou 3600 with voice module ? Have you got REEL(real) configurations with NAT ?- Have we have to create subinterface to create multiple tunnel with thecisco ro...

mholcman by Beginner
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whether i can use PM as managment platform for Service Provider. i know PM can manage Enterprise network, up to 500 routes/pix, but it is fit for SP used to mulit cumoster network

mus-ma by Beginner
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