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I am looking for the New Case and View Case buttons in my Mars.  The book shows these in version 4.2, but I have version 6.x.  Page 137 inSecurity Monitoring with Cisco Security MARS, Threat Mitigation system deployment, Chapter 6.

folks- does mars support the citrix netscaler- does a security analyst allow me to add a devicei ask because i need to add a netscaler and as a security analyst the 'add' button is greyed outthanks to anyone taking the time to read this or to replygr...

Hi All,How the enterprzes are doing the https filtering? for the https filtering, you need to decrypt the packet to evaluate its contents for the filtering and if you do it then its like a man in the middle attack. There are devices available to do t...

Anyone know of a way to customize e-mail alerts from MARS? I have been impressed with the power I have to leverage information correlated by MARS to report on specific events. however when it comes to alerting me of an event via e-mail I am less than...