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Resolved! Unable to SSH from Outside

Hello experts, I am trying to setup ssh connection from outside link (interface Gi-0/0/0), but for some reason I am getting a SSH timeout message. Troubleshooting done so far:I can ping the ISR's public IP (X.X.X.39.166)ISR can ping the SSH initiator...

IP Cameras – Lan - Remote Access

We have a small office and have recently installed a small NVR and 3 IP camera's to keep an eye on things. I'm a little concerned this system has access to our internal LAN and I can also access it remotely from an iPhone app right through our ASA to...

getRdone by Beginner
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newoak (4001/tcp) vulnerability

Hello,I run nessus (port scanner) for a Cisco 2811 router and I don't understand one vulnerability from the results.Here it is:The remote system appears vulnerable to an invalid Options fieldwithin a TCP packet. At least one vendor firewall (Symantec...

marinos_g by Beginner
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Resolved! ASDM software won't load

So I've been fighting with this all day.  I've tried 3 different machines including a server.Basically when I try to access my ASA 5510 with the ASDM software the software never loads.  So I have tried to access it through the management port https:/...

jnix by Beginner
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Network for support EDNS

From the DNS flag day, how the network can prove that the issue is not caused from the network? Here are some results from the https://dnsflagday.net test tool: domain.com. @x:ea00:c010:188:103:x:188:99 (DNS3.DOMAIN.COM.): dns=ok edns=ok edns1=ok edn...

CIS benchmark for SG300

Hi, I had a few numbers of SG300-10 switches on hand. Recently my customer asked us to harden the switches. However, I did not manage to find any CIS Benchmark on CIS website / Google / etc. Thus I am wondering, does this switch require any form of h...

Resolved! Security Issues

I have scanned my network and I am having a time trying to find the mitigations for these issues:SSH Weak Encryption Algorithms SupportedSSL/TLS: SSLv3 Protocol CBC Cipher Suites Information Disclosure Vulnerability (POODLE)SSL/TLS: Report Weak Ciphe...

dbrill001 by Beginner
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Latest Cisco GPL

Hi Buddy,May I know is there a way to get latest Cisco Global Price List? I know there is a need to have special CCO Account? If I do not have one, is there another alternative way to get it?Can someone PM me to share with me the idea? I need it quit...

ericng1983 by Beginner
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MACSEC - statistics

hi,    how do i read "show macsec secy statistics" output ? i mean i am trying to understand and see what and how much traffic is send unencrypted between peers,    show macsec secy statistics Interface Ethernet1/48 MACSEC SecY Statistics:-----------...

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