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Hello all, With "ip arp inspection vlan X" you enable Dynamic ARP inspection that determines the validity of an ARP packet based on valid IP-to-MAC address bindings stored in a trusted database, the DHCP snooping.My problem Is that I don´t undestand ...

javi1988 by Level 1
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Hi Team, I have a question in reference to the multicast switching.As we know that, for multicast switching, we need only IGMP protocol to take the forwarding decision. For same broadcast domain, why we need to enable any multicast routing protocols ...

Hello, I need to enable FIPS mode on my ASAs.  Can anyone point me to some sort of FIPS compliance checklist that can be used to go through my configurations prior to enabling this feature?  What exactly is the ASA going to expect as far as encryptio...

Hi , My 2960X is accused of weaknesses by Nessus. http://static.tenable.com/documentation/reports/html/PCI_Scan_Plugin_w_Remediations.html#idp35720560 I can not find how to configure "ip ssh server algorithm mac hmac-sha1-160". Any suggestions?

mike kao by Level 1
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Resolved! MGMT-VRF

Hi,  I configure a switch 2900L with MGMT-VRF and I didn't assign any username and password to the switch.when connecting to the switch via SSH it's asked me for a username & password !! I tried cisco, cisco --- admin, admin!I create my own user and ...