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I'm just starting to use object-groups to tidy up some of my ACL's on a router.Is there any particular reason why you can't use the following:permit tcp object-group network A object-group service A object-group network B object-group service B ?

louis0001 by Participant
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Hello   I have a Cisco ASA 5550 running the software version of The SNMP groups currently have v1 and v2c configured. I would like to change it to v3. I know how to change the SNMP version in the Solar winds but I do not know how to change ...

Hi everyone,    This is my first post in cisco community!   I have a problem with na ISP. A host on my network sends huge amounts of data to an IP on a remote location outside my company. The ISP is requesting me to solve this issue as it's been tagg...

lkomarci by Beginner
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Hello   I am Performing a software upgrade on a Cisco ASA running 8.0 to 9.1.   I know that the major change is the NAT configuration in this upgrade.   In the Pre 8.3 Version, below is the static NAT config. Here any traffic comes on the inside inte...

Resolved! Syslog Message IDs

Just a quick and simpel question. ASA Syslog messages are grouped in certain ranges, looking here -> https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/security/asa/syslog/b_syslog.html   Does anyone know what the specific ranges cover?