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There are 4 types of Broadband Internet service: DSL, Cable, Fiber-Optic, Satellite. Is this a reason why modem is unnecessary if I am using a fiber-optic cable?    Just curious, out of 4 types of Broadband Internet service, which one is being used w...

 hy, I have a Cisco 1800 with two wan : wan1, powered by my fiber Box in FE0 and wan 2 powered by 4g Box in FE1.   In the LAN of my Fiber Box, i have a Set top box and some computers. In my Cisco, i have 8 VLANS which communicate between them. I woul...

So when i apply an aggregate to an ebgp peer in as 10 for specific prefixes and I used the aggregate address of So the ebgp peer that receives the aggregate sees as expected but when i try to p...

BannerMOTD by Level 1
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Dear Experts,   First of all I must say that I am noob in QoS so excuse for stupid questions. I have a 2911 router behaving as a edge one for my LAN.For some time users in LAN are facing issues with communication via Skype - both voice and video, inc...

Hi buddies, It's some days, there is below log in our Cisco 7606 router: FM-4-TCAM_ENTRY: Hardware TCAM entry capacity exceeded you can see output of show tcam count in below: Used Free Percent Used Reserved ---- ---- ------------ -------- Labels:(i...

Good Morning,   It was recently suggested to clean up our switch configs (3560G, 3650's etc.) that we should remove the "system mtu routing 1500" command since this is the default. I've always been taught to hard code this into our access layer switc...

Resolved! Modem Question :)

Can anyone please kindly explain to me about the modem? My understanding is that modem was used to convert analog signal to digital signal and vice versa, and it is rarely used nowadays. When I google about the modem, it states, "Yes, you can use a n...

Hi, I have a doubt reg type 4 LSA in OSPF. Why do we need type 4 LSA to reach ASBR? We have ASBR address in type 5 LSA also. ASBR network is known via type 3 LSAs. Then why to send type4 LSA again?Thanks,Balajee

balajee by Level 1
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Sorry if my Language is bad. I have a problem setting in cisco asr 1001-x. I have 2 ip BGP Global & Domestic, Example: - BGP Global = / 30 - BGP Domestic = / 30 - Ip Public = / 24 - Ip Private = / ...

RDjack by Level 1
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Hello, We have got MPLS IP VPN 20 Mbps link between our Main and Branch Office. I want to configure traffic policing on Branch Office 3850 L3 Switch, if any branch office user tries to copy the file from/to file server ( located at main office) the b...

samirshk52 by Level 1
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I’m trying to work out if the 887va is a router or a switch? Or a layer 3 switch? We have 4 Ethernet ports and an ADSL port.   how are the Ethernet ports used? Routing? Switching? We have one of the ports connected to a switch which in turn has vlans...