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Finding accurate answers to your questions and issues is always gratifying, but what if these answers are shared globally across different languages? The Cisco Community team has been working on a proof of concept (PoC) to take Accepted Solutions in...

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Kelli Glass by Community Manager
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Hi folks, I'm in a big hurry rigt now. I have a link to ISP-A (4Gbps), using static routes and advertising my own public ip block (170.X.X.0/22). Gateway for the ISP-A is 208.X.X.181. Yesterday ISP-A had an accident (fiber cut) and will be several da...

I have a 100 MB ethernet link to AT&T with my Cisco router. I have applied a few ACLs to my inteface that connects to AT&T (fa 0/0). Here are my ACLs:!interface FastEthernet0/0 ip address < omited =) > ip access-group 110 in duplex auto speed auto!in...

Ken Wold by Level 1
  • 10 replies
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Hi, I am doing a network simulation using Cisco Packet Tracer. I could not solve how to do CHAP over TACACS+ server. The situation is as follow: Configure PPP Authentication Protocol on the following devices as listed herewith :- Hostname         PPP...

Halfeez92 by Level 1
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 Hi, We are planning to implement DMVPN (phase 3)  through internet to connect 100 plus locations (including business critical locations) . These locations are located around the globe including embargoed countries. However , while browsing through v...

jubair151 by Level 1
  • 5 replies
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Hi I have main HQ and 7 branches and these branches connected to HQ over MPLS . I want to apply backup soulution over internet . what is the best way to do that and i have one router in each branch face to the internet and MPLS . 

q1gznn111 by Level 1
  • 6 replies
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I have a nexus 3064pq (not X) and all the commands related to applying a mac address access list seem to be missing. I have it upgraded to 7.0(3)I4(6) and I can create a mac access list but all the commands related to applying it to a port or vlan se...

I have a dual-hub DMVPN setup running OSPF. The issue I am having that the default route that's being injected is preferred on the secondary hub instead of the primary. I've tried adjusting the metric on the default route, changing the admin distance...

davem1 by Level 1
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Hello, Currently I’m looking for networking monitoring system for a DC Network which have ~200 nodes in 6 different geographic locations. All equipment is CISCO but different IOS version (IOS-XE,IOS-XR,NX-OS, IOS) Primary thing would be to monitor th...

from88 by Level 4
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I have a 2811 running as my frame cloud for a home lab. I'm looking to use a NM-4T 4-port serial module to connect 1841s via WIC-1T cards. My 2811 is complaing that the NM-4T is not supported with my version of IOS. Can anyone tell me what verison of...

hrvxla by Level 1
  • 2 replies
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Hi,I'm wondering what would happen if you connect two switches together with two up-links where all 4 ports are configured as access ports with portfast enabled? No BPDU Guard.I know all ports should transition into forwarding state immediately and c...

hello, need your help.i have switch cisco WS-C2960L-16TS-LL, Cisco IOS Software, C2960L Software (C2960L-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.2(5c)E, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1). i cannot run command "port-channel load-balance":cisco01(config)#port-channel ?auto LA...

Yame by Level 1
  • 1 replies
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Hi all, I'm having an issue that i hope somebody can help me with.  We are running a DMVPN environment and I have a couple of spoke offices that run voip over their tunnel to each other.  The issue is that we swapped the ISP in spoke A but now the la...

Cory King by Level 1
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