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I have just quick question . What is the actual meaning of following : default system bandwidth of 5 Gbps, upgradable to 10 Gbps, 20 Gbps, or 36 Gbps with a software-activated upgrade license. Pls if anyone has idea about it.

imstha001 by Level 1
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Hello Gurus.... The other day I ran into a redistribution scenario that I was surprised to find out didn't really work as expected. I have one router R1 which runs 2 x OSPF processes as well as BGP (all BGP neighbours belong to other AS' so eBGP thr...

Hi, Currently we have Cisco Switch 3560G series(WS-C3560G-24TS) for our main core switch. It is the only switch that do more works then the others. For example giving the IP DHCP Pool for our wireless and etc. Due to increasing in our main system, ca...

5y5tadmin by Level 1
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I have a router that is running EIGRP and BGP and also redistributing both protocols into both processes.  There is a route that is received via external EIGRP with the default distance of 170 and this route is also received via BGP with admin distan...

tato386 by Level 6
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Our company recently purchased L-FLA1-BIN-1X10GE= for our ASR1001-x does this license activate the throughput of the ESP to 10Gbps as well or do we need to upgrade from 2.5Gbps default to 10Gbps Index 1 Feature: adventerprise Period left: Life time...

Good afternoon,Could inform me what is the most current software version and stable for the cisco router 3945? Follows the current version I'm using: ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 15.0(1r)M13, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) System returned to ROM by reload...

Hi,I have a question on prefix-list.  Can someone confirm that the below prefix-list achieve the same result ? as to my understanding, both the below would achive the same result which is it matches prefixes from /23 to /32 are allowed.1) ip prefix-l...

Hi, Any idea how to bypass eeprom checksum code (module not compliant) on cisco ASR"service unsupported tranciever" command is not supported. We already add the supported command transceiver permit pid all inside the interface but still not working. ...

Hi, I need to create a tracked object based on a specific IPv6 route which I learn through BGP on a 6in4 Tunnel interface (HE BGP 6in4 Tunnel). This is the definition of my tracked object: track 61 ipv6 route 2001:470::/32 reachability I would now ex...

David F by Level 1
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The intent of our network is to provide outbound internet access for clients in a meeting space.  We have a separate layer 3 access gateway, but there are times where we need to NAT at the edge.  The following BGP configuration works perfectly for ou...