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I currently have a router that has 2 circuits (Circuit 1 and Circuit 2) from 1 provider.  Circuit 1 is set up for a DMVPN Hub and Circuit 2 is set up for internet traffic.I have been asked to add 1 additional circuit (Circuit 3) from a different prov...

doug_3002 by Beginner
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ok, I have picked up a second hand 2801. I was in the process of doing a WR after a password recovery when my power fluxed just enough to mess up the router. Now when I try to boot up it will decompress the bin from the CF and then I get an error mes...

Hi Everyone, We tag routes received from upstreams + peers(In BGP session), so we can easily control what we advertise to our customers that peer with us eg. Customer A only wants routes advertised to them from our "peering" partners(i.e. no Internet...

Dears,Below is the configuration.interface FastEthernet0/13 switchport access vlan 41 switchport mode access switchport voice vlan 9 switchport port-security maximum 2 switchport port-security switchport port-security aging time 20 switchport port-se...

adamgibs7 by Frequent Contributor
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Hi all, Can you please help me to figure out how to get IP address from ISP fiber modem ? The modem looks exactly like the one on attached photo. What i did is i connected 2851 router through GE0/1 interface to GE1 interface on modem. My router confi...

Hi All, I need to configure IP SLA on a router with Dual ISP using NAT. Is the below config right ???Will this work fine.Pls suggest.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

Tupe_kunal by Beginner
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Hi, We use PPP keepalive on PPP session between LNS (ASR1K) and CPE (cisco ISR G2, and some other vendors CPE routers).If no reply is received after (i guess) 3 keepalive messages are sent on a ppp session, the ppp session goes down. Common practice....

pascalfr0 by Beginner
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Dear Team, I am planning to propose get VPN in our organization. We are running with 2 WAN links with the same provider,  however we are achieving load balancing over these links by using subnet based. Hence we are running with assymetric traffic rou...

jubair151 by Beginner
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I need to create a site-to-site tunnel using one IP Address on my side.  In ASA only site-to-site tunnel this isn't a problem but I am bit confused on how I get it to work on the ISR side.  For example here is the commands in the ASA:global (outside)...

Hi,I'm just beginning the adventure with cisco - I bought a 877W, I configured, the internet works but only after the cable - wifi connection is detected by the laptop, but can not connect (yellow triangle)I tried several configurations but none was ...

I am having a problem with my VPN tunnel from ASA to ISR.  I just want to assign one ip on my Cisco ISR side to and allow it to only access & on the ASA side.  I also need this tunnel to be bidirectional.An...

Hello again, having problems with the permit and deny in my router, my problem is I have managed to put this my CLI but i am able to ping from and 4 to other networks when it should be blocked i don't understand can help someone me?This ...

Hi guys,I have noticed something very weird on our firewall this morning, i'm seeing ICMP traffic being dropped with the following source/destination addresses:Source: traffic is originating from a VPN tunn...

petenixon by Participant
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