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I am setting up a Cisco router for a T1 line for the first time and I have hit a barrier. The router, a 2821 with WIC-1DSU-T1-V2, is online (all statuses are up and I can ping outside sites). However, a laptop connected to the router cannot access th...

nternet facing router is having a bgp peering with the ISP. When we do a static nat for one of the LAN IP and overload it with outside interface the BGP session is becoming active. I have shared the configuration and sh ver along with this 

archanacv by Level 1
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I currently have a 2811 with 3 fe ports.I have a 3825 that has 2 built in gb ports, what card do I need to add another gb port. A WAN card is more expensive then a gb card, does it have to be a wan card? These are all RJ45 copper connectionsI want to...

I seem to be having some slowness issues with a multilink connection between a Cisco 2821 and 2811 router. I currently have two private T1 lines connecting the two routers and joined into a Multilink connection.This should give me a 3 mbps connection...

don.niman by Level 1
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switch one has vlan 1up with an ip connected with router(fa0/0)with an ip of to ping fa0/1 of router can ping fa0/0 of router witch is atached.I used in the switch the command: ip default-networ...

Hi,A client has 2x2811 acting as Voice Gateway and backup Voice Gateway and both, after some undisclosed circumstances, are not booting.After some troubleshooting a faulty memory DIMM was detected on the primary Voice Gateway. Still, DIMM replaced, i...

pmarques by Level 1
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Hello!I've been digging through metroe best practices, but all I can find is ISP points of views on creating a metroe WAN rather than from an internal business standpoint. My company is getting a metroe circuit in two weeks so I'm labbing up a WAN in...

I have a cisco catalyst 3750 V2, i am trying to have a port to be a member of different 4 VLANS.  Is this possible? Like i want to setup a workstation with 1 NIC that can connect to VLAN 101 to VLAN 103 while isolating each VLAN from other VLANs

nats00001 by Level 1
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Hello,I read that if you use VSS you dont need to use HSRP anymore. I thought HSRP with load balancing should be similar to VSS, for example if I have a server with two nics and each nic connect to a core switch then both core are fowarding traffic a...

Hi All, I have just taken over supporting a network, and have come accross a route map, that I don't really understand. The route-map is copied below. Can anyone please tell me step by step how its processed, and what the outcome is? route-map test p...

r.gasper by Level 1
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