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1)I have two service providers. 2)I want Meraki MX80 to use the above two service providers ISPs for redundancy. 3)I have LAN segment which is done using WS-C3750G-12S-SD as L3 and 2960 switches as L2 connected to L3. 4)So Meraki MX80 will connect to...

jegan1234 by Beginner
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Hi,I am trying to configure an IPV4 anycast ip address. Its basically anycast IP with just routing.In Short: (topology shown below)I have ip address  in an ospf area 0 and same ip address in another ospf area0 but in different domain....

We have two BGP neighbors with two different carriers MPLS IP VPN products that are advertising private LANs to us (ie. 172.16.x.x/24).  We are able to reach the various sites private networks from our core routers but unable to reach the private net...

I am in the process of adding a new vlan (4) to replace vlan (1) I know how to configure the trunk. My question is do I need to make any configuration changewith spanning-tree?Thanks for your cooperation.

dukeminus by Beginner
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HelloThe 2911 has 3x L3 Gigabit interfaces so my plan is to setup a Layer 3 etherchannel using two of them and connect it to a 3750x stack....will this work?I know the config, I just wasn't 100% certain the 2911 will let me use the built in GE ports ...

Dear AllI need some support on following scenarioCisco 1900 Routereth0 as PPPOE - Nat and few port forwarding...eth1 as LAN - - Dhcp enabledAbove working currentlyI have additional interface HWIC-2FE cardI want to setup as a separate inte...

Resolved! eBGP & iBGP help

Dear Expert,PFA My NW diagram with proposed link.We are using three ISPs bandwith with eBGP, we have our own IP address and ASN.Now we are going to start another site with different location with same ASN.Router A NW IP : advertised wi...

Hi All,I am new to the community and posting for the first time. I am currently having an issue in our company network where remote sites traffic coming to head office and then flowing via gig link to our data center instead of going straight to Data...

singh1227 by Beginner
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Resolved! DMVPN over MPLS

We are migrating from Frame Relay to MPLS WAN services, to interconect about 25 remotes sites.Is it posible to deploy DMVPN to connect the remotes sites using a tunnel?I have heard about using GET VPN instead of DMVPN over MPLS, whats the difference ...