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I have a customer connection that I can't change, but I need to connect my network to his.I have a 6509 as my backbone switch with 100's of vlans configured in it. Here is the configuration of the port I am connecting to the customer switch.interface...

gacgac by Level 1
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                   Hi ,                         we are deploying IPT with voice gateway router 2811 having this IOS ....{ 2800 Software (C2800NM-SPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.4(15)T9, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc5)}My qusteion is that is this IOS support voice...

Hi. I want to Load Balance using my Cisco routers.Router 1LAN IP: IP: auto-negotiadedip route Dialer1Router 2Here is the Problem. This router get internet from a Wireless Bridge.The Wireless Bridge device, is...

I have two dedicated T1's for Voice in a multilink to our main office where the IP Phone switch is located.  I am getting sporadic complaints of muffled voices and I am seeing Error Secs and Slip Secs. I have opened a ticket with our provider and aft...

Resolved! 3925 router

I have a new 3925 router and it came with 1 VWIC3-4MFT-T1/E1 card installed. I added a 2nd one and although it shows up in inventory, the interfaces do not show up in configuration in any form, interface or controllers. I used to just install a card ...

We are in the process of adding an additional ISP to our corporate network.  When we do so the ASA we use will connect with our WAN sites (Cisco 2811's and I know we need to upgrade!) with the current NAT'd IP ( for this question) and also the...

dhopper82 by Level 1
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Hi AllI am having issues with running  IS-IS between my ASR9006 and Cat6500 switch.I am running IOS XR  4.0.3 with Mini and MPLS packages enabled. My configuration on ASR is below, please can someone confrim my configuration on the ASR9000 is correct...

siddiqirf by Level 1
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Hi,I have a router working as PPTP only, find the config attached. Everything is working fine accept that it restarts from time to time (around 30 minutes). Checking the crash info, I found that it's a software issue. I tried to upgrade to several IO...

On the Cisco ONS routers, is there a relationship betweenspr station-id 1 on the SPR interfaceandspr interface-id 1on the POS interface?I am a bit new to this system

Hi Expertsis it a good config the below for QOS on WAN edge to maintain the voice traffic and data ,when the congestion happend?pls ur commentsclass-map match-any DATA match ip dscp af21class-map match-any CRITICAL-DATA match  dscp cs3  af31 class-ma...