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Hi Friends,                   I have two routers 3845 and HSRP is configured properly. Currently we are using default route to ISP and right now I want to use BGP as I have 3 Public pools and that's why I want to advertise in the public network.     ...

Hi All,I am not able to understand the changes in the MGCP packet after NAT. The screenshot is of working and non working case. Office is working fine with port change after NAT. But at home the NAT does not change the src port. It RSIP packet from t...

I am monitoring 2 or more source interfaces which are running 1G traffic on each interface. Destination is 10G interface.There are 2 kinds of traffic running through the source interfaces: icmp and regular IP traffic. I am only interested in capturin...

Hi everybody. The command clear ip bgp *soft command performs soft reset of bgp neighbors relationship in both direction i.e in and out. Since this command also performs Soft reset  for " in" direction so  does it not require command neighbor soft-r...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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All of our remote sites have mpls as primary (eBGP)and DSL (eigrp) as backup link.  When both wan links are up, the ipt phones will register to the call manager which is located at the hub data center. When MPLS is down, the IPT phones should registe...

Hello Everyone,I am studying for my CCNP Route exam and am having issues configuring A Virtual Link for OSPF. I attached the diagram. I have full connectivity with all neighbors. And R2 has routes all the way up to R4, however nothing for R6. The RID...

Resolved! boot image issue

Hi, i upgrade the IOS for switch c2960 and the swtich do not boot from the new image.See the files versionshow bootshow flashThere is a mistake with settings?Thanks

Hello iam moving from a pix 515e to a 2951 router with fireawall featureset. Ive begun to move the ACLs that where in the pix. However some of the rules are allowed to be typed in bur when i look at the ACL afterwards they are not what i typed in. Fo...

HiI have 2 x 2901 in a hsrvp I have some wan ports attached to both of these routers and I have 1 port from each router attached 1 a sw (switches in clustered mode). and 1 port attach to each other.The ports from the router to the switch and...

Alex Samad by Beginner
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Hi everybodyhow is everyone doing ?Let say we have a  small branch office say B1 and we want to connect it to company's head quarter HQ.B1 dynamic ip address----------------vpn tunnel-------------- B1 is assigned a dynamic ip a...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Hello everybody, I need some help in configuring MPLS over GRE tunnels. I did not find any proper configuration example to help me. I need to do this for encrypt the traffic between two PE routers. I have 7609 routers. Thanks, Alexandru.