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Resolved! bgp implement

Hi,if I’m going to implement BGP (EBGP & IBGP) in my office. So is it necessary requiring IGP reachability?.Could you pls. anyone help me?.Thanks,Nilesh

bhornilesh by Beginner
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2901 Router additional GBIC module & OSPF/HSRP query

Current Setup: Please refer the attached diagram. Three 2901 series routers, no redundency for 172.16 segment, all running OSPF.In order to provide redundency for 172.16 segment, I will add the HWIC-1GE-SFP with SFP module GLC-T on each router, will ...

avilt by Participant
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VPN MPLS best practices to use it

Hello,My company have subscribe a VPN MPLS to interconnect two sites. The ISP I have choose install one router on each side and set QoS on this link (70% VoIP, 20% Data and 10% access). On each side I have a DSL link for classic Internet access. I'm ...

jquintard by Beginner
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Resolved! Which 15.x IOS for 7206VXR NPE-G1??

I am looking at upgrading the IOS on a 7206VXR with an NPE-G1 Processing Engine.  I am running into issue determining the apropriate IOS to run.  I'm basically looking for the equivilent of the old mainline not T code, just IP base, stable but not re...

NPT_2 by Explorer
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Hi, i'll appreciate your help for concrete information, such as specific examples, about when should i use a HWIC-1FE instead of a HWIC-4ESW (with different VLANs assigned to each port) to achieve an additional routed port.For what i've found, using ...

adgoandaga by Beginner
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Resolved! BGP Community Strings Scrambled in IOS 15.0(1)M6

I decided to upgrade to IOS 15.0(1)M6 on one of our 7206VXR's. All went well, other than one thing. I'm noticing my BGP communities are not listed right in my config. For example:If I put: set community 2828:1507 in my under a route map, it changes i...

NPT_2 by Explorer
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route-map prefix list and access-list

we have two routers runing eigrp A and B. C router running static route.A, B and C having common LAN and eigrp is enabled between A and B through the local LAN.we are rediscbuting static to EIGRP with route map on A and B router.from C router we have...

Resolved! Clear inactive IDBs

Hello everybodyIs possible clean inactive IDBs?I have a Cisco 3825 that support up to 1200 IDB and now is using 1102, but 614 is idbMaximum number of Software IDBs 1200.  In use 1102.                       HWIDBs     SWIDBsActive       ...

Design guidance: DMVPN over Internet + QoS

Hi,For a large customer we've rolled out a pretty large DMVPN network using Internet connections. All is working fine.We would now like to add some QoS in order to give a certain group of people at the branch a "gauaranteed" bandwidth (inbound, seen ...

etamminga by Rising star
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Documentation - Using Router as Netflow Probe

Scenario:I currently have Netflow enabled on all of my routers in my network.  However, I have a Cat3750, which does not support Netflow.  The 3750 is at a larger remote site and I need visibility into the traffic that is traversing internal to that ...

Access lists to filter traffic accross Vlans

i would like to implement access lists on traffic passing though the various VLANS below is my router configuration. Kindly assist RouterHQ#sh runBuilding configuration...Current configuration : 9666 bytes!version 12.4service timestamps debug datetim...

dedan by Beginner
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VPN Tunnel

Hello,We terminated about 25 site-to-site VPN tunnels on the Cisco ASA 5540 (2 GB RAM). It appears that the memory utilization is getting higher when adding the tunnel. We are planing to remove those 25 VPN tunnels out 5540, and soon we will add addi...

Joe Lee by Beginner
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