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I cannot add or modify the informations in the Single Port Forwarding . I get a message saying: Invalid Character(s) found. All characters are good. I get the same message when only click on the "SAVA" button. I have the latest firware V2.0.2.7Please...

hi all,a client was having some email issue and was requested to change the 1841's LAN and WAN interface MTU to 1400 bytes. i've used 'mtu' command but was rejected and got an error like to one attached. so i used 'ip mtu' instead to make the change....

Hi,I have configured a qos policy and I am trying to apply the policy to a vlan interface which is physically connected to a switch module port of a 3845 Router.When I try to apply, the message configuration failed appears.Here is the policy mapclass...

ashley_dew by Beginner
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I have a lan network with two routers, each with its own wan exit and its own different lan ip address. all the econputers have a pimary and secondary ip address. should one router's lan interface fails the computers are supposed to switch to their s...

xtraman297 by Beginner
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Hello,I have changed my router conf from a classic NAT settings with one DSL link :ip route Dialer0access-list 1 permit nat inside source list 1 interface Dialer0 overloadTo a dual DSL links with PBR :ip sla 20 ...

jquintard by Beginner
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Dear all,When adding a new 256M card to ant slot on BXL SUP, it shows up in log as inserted, but  am unable to format it and of course access it.I tried formatting to FAT16 on my MacBook, card gets formatted but remains unaccessible.Any thoughts woul...

Greetings.I ran into the following bug on Cisco 1941 IOS version 15.1(4)M, 15.1(3)T2, 15.2(1)T and, probably, most other versions from these branches. However, the bug doesn't appear on any of the 15.0M IOS versions.A DNS server is located in one of ...

Hi Experts,I have a scenario like (public IP)--ISP router  (private IP192.168.1.0/24)   -->  (private IP192.168.1.0/24)  cisco1811  (private IP> switch --> servers( The above is my scenario. ISP router is motorola's. Route...

vipinrajrc by Participant
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Hi,I'm going to be swapping out a WIC-1DSU-T1-V2  for a new VWIC2-2MFT-T1/E1, going from one to two T-1s. This is on a 2800 router running 12.4(23)Can anyone share...  configuration examples for the two T-1 setup ?commands to verify the installation ...

lcaruso by Frequent Contributor
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