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Resolved! vrf-lite

Hello gentle people,I'm labbing a vrf-lite setup and I feel the config is good. Per the topology, CORP works but PROD does not. The networks behind the core neighbour are pingable for CORP but not PROD. Here's the config for R1 & R2 : -R1#show runBui...


Hello We have ASR 1006X With software image 17.9 How to verify that it will support IPSec configuration? Is it related the rouer image or the license? Please note that, currently we didn't have access to it to verify using command line

i just swapped out a 3850 POE switch to a 3850 non-poe.  i upgraded the OS to 16.6.9.  then i copied the config back to the new non-poe switch.  now i cant ping or access the switch via the network.  constantly getting %SPANTREE-2-UNBLOCK_CONSIST_POR...

awojtowicz by Level 1
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Bonjour,J'ai un VLAN bureautique en Mon CBS350-8T-E-2G a l'adresse passerelle par défaut est le'ai un VLAN formation en Mon CBS350-8T-E-2G a l'adresse, le dhcp fonctionne parfaite...

Dear Expert,Hope all is well.One of cisco route 2921 reboot it unexpectedly and upon checking, we find out below result:cisco router reload reason bus error at PC 0xB0D0B0D, address 0x0.the firmware version: c2900-universalk9-mz.SPA.157-3.M8.binthank...

Hello,I wanted to know if: Can you designate an IP address from a BVI interface as a Default Gateway to all kinds of end point devices connected to any of the interfaces belonging to the bridge group?Should it  be possible to ping that interface from...

axel-r by Level 1
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Hello everyone,Currently seeking assistance in identifying the issue.We have two ASR 9006 routers located at two different sites. Both routers are running OSPF between them, utilizing multiple sub-interfaces, with each sub-interface assigned to a dif...

blitzperf by Level 1
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Hello,My datacenter will be move to other location, and we want to minimize the downtime. what in my mind is i will set up a new server with the network in a new location and i will migrate my virtual server one by one from old location to new locati...

hs08 by Spotlight
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Hi, We have a bunch of 2911 and 4331 (and a few 2800 left) routers in branch offices around the world. Is there a way to get these routers to log when port errors occur? Like any input/output interface errors, especially CRC/FCS? Or is the only optio...

Tboss99 by Level 1
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