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Resolved! Problem with multicast over GRE

Hi,I have stucked on a problem with my configuration of multicast routing.The topology is as simple as it it can be: R1 <-> R2 <-> R3 <-> R4 <-> R5 <-> R6The links are either FR or Eth (i n my opinion it doesn't make any difference).I launched OSPF (...

j_tomasik by Beginner
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Resolved! network setup change

Hi Please refer the diagram attached. I want to remove internet  WiMax link from the setup and use the same point to point link for internet acces.My internet usage is mainly for Vidoe conf purpose.Can Anyone suggest what are the config changes I nee...

Passing Vlan traffic through 2 routers (IRB?)

Hi,I'm trying to configure two routers to pass vlan traffic via a t1. I've found how to do it on a single router, but not how to do it with multiple routers.I'm assuming that I need to bridge a couple of subinterfaces, then assign a bvi to the bridge...

jcw009 by Beginner
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cisco 800 issue!

We are experiencing speed issues to our MPLS  for some time, we had a similar problem last September which meant our MPLS  was unusable, at that time we switched off the Cisco 800 router and the MPLS was fine, switched it back on and it was ok. At th...

NAT funda- Need help

Hi, I have one ASA which is connected with point-2-point link of one vendor ( My internal network range is,,, & motto is I want to hide my internal network and it sh...

Need to give one ip for internet users

Server need to acces from out side :: IP Address Assigned by NAT :: from one ISP( WAN !)                                                 FRom another ISP(WAN 2)Problem Facing ::  Internet USers (( A...

ISR 2921 - Configuration Help

Hi,I just purchased a cisco 2921 ISR.  I want to set it up to be inbetween our switches and our internet connections.  I added an extra port to handle the extra connection (so a total of 4). Our company is setup like this:T1 - Main internet. (x.x.x.2...

bhicks by Beginner
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Resolved! Multiple external multicast feeds - Advice needed

Hi all,I am working on a site which uses 2 x 6500's as network core.-----------------------------------For historical reasons, there is a mix of configurations which have been applied, not necassarilly all by the in-house team.Overall, WAN links for ...

mariov652 by Beginner
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how to configure 3 VWIC2-1 MFT E1 card

Dear All,              I having problem to configure E1 card (VWIC2-1 MFT E1 ) to get aggregate Bandwidth.can anybody tell that how to configure 3 E1 card in a router to get 6 Mbps bandwidth as one E1 support 2 Mbps bandwidth.Please need you assistan...

eahmed007 by Beginner
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Resolved! Multiple wan interfaces with static nat translations

Hello everyone,I am currently considering the way to accomplish the following. We have a cisco 2811 with 3 wan interfaces ( ADSL with different ISPs ) for load balancing - failover. My problem is how to accomplish static nat to multiple hosts on the ...

bkran by Beginner
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Router over-advertised network prefix

Recently my office encounter an issue where our ISP informed us that our router had advertised a high number of network prefix which causes the BGP session to go down (as there was a limit set for the number of prefix it can accept). That lasted for ...

Resolved! brain dead on ospf

Just trying to bring up a new 3750 stack and route OSPF from our core, but it's been a while and I've mainly been doing BGP and EIGRP.. was hoping someone could help:I'm seeing the neighbor relationship as full, but am not receiving any routes from t...

w951duu by Beginner
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