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OSPF cost manipulation

I have a remote site that until recently was connected via L2L tunnel. We now have a DS3 to that site and I'd like to manipulate the cost of OSPF so that it picks the DS3 first and the tunnel second.Can someone point me to a config example or a doc.T...

Schdeuled Backup in Cisco Switches

Hi Team,Is there any possibility we can schedule the backup of network devices with TFTP server (Solarwind Server) at a specific time as we have 300 N/W devices in our n/w and it is quite difficult to take the backup of each n/w device maually.

Quadruple WAN links from Two ISP's

Scenario:Quad-WAN links between main site and remote site.Two routers on both ends:Main Site:R1 :1 x 1Gig via Metro Ethernet (ISP1)1 x DS3 via MPLS VPN cloud (ISP2)R2 :1 x 1Gig via Metro Ethernet (ISP1)1 x DS3 via MPLS VPN cloud (ISP2)+++++++++++++++...

Rip command

router rip flash-update-threshold 10 .Please what is the effect of the above command on the periodic routing update.

multiple ISPs, incoming traffic

Forgive me for my ignorance but I don't know enough to even search for relevant posts... I have a Cisco 2811 router. I have a T1 and a Cable Internet connection. I want to be able to configure the router to answer incoming SMTP traffic from either...

BGP Question

LAB Set-upI have 2 CE routers running BGP with a PE router for site AI have the mirror set-up for Site BMy issue is now running BGP between the two PE's and getting the routes to propagate between them.How is this done?CARRIER-A#sh ip bgp sumBGP rout...

Rick Morris by Frequent Contributor
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Resolved! Back-to back connectivity problem

Dear Friend, I have a setup in which a cisco 3845 is connected with 15 cisco 2851 routers with leased line.I'm using GRE tunnel with IPSEC for security between router's serial link connectivity.All is working fine. data is encrypt and decr...

siddindia by Beginner
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Resolved! RDP 3389

Friends,---------Site A74.X.X.X /28---------Site B207.X.X.X /30Host <---Client to use RDP---------Scenario:Host from Site B needs to use remote desktop to access a server at Site A using port 3389. Both are Cisco 1841's ....


Hi, I am getting following error when i configure isis on XR device.How to fix please helpRP/0/5/CPU0:133#RP/0/5/CPU0:Jul 9 21:46:06.759 : ifmgr[198]: %PKT_INFRA-LINK-3-UPDOWN : Interface MgmtEth0/5/CPU0/1, changed state to UpRP/0/5/CPU0:Jul 9 21:...

pramod by Beginner
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Route Leaking!

Hi, I am facing issues with route leaking!I used same configuration for route leaking on devices ASR 1004 and 12K IOS!The problem is both giving different output!On 12K iam getting expected output on sh ip bgp vpnv4 all labels but on ASR iam not get...

pramod by Beginner
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Input packets getting dropped

Cisco 2620XM with Serial 2T card and frame-relay connection is having a lot of input packet drops on S0/0. Utilisation of the interface never goes above 50% in both directions. Monitoring tools indicate that input drops happen even when input BW util...