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I'm the IT admin for a small business with about 25 people.We recently moved to a new office and bought a Cisco SR-520 router. The initial setup and config was done by the company that sold us the router and did our internal wiring.I have no experie...

cisco (AS 200)---> L3switch (AS 100)---> GW router (AS 100)i am configuring ebgp peer between GW router (AS100) to cisco (AS 200). in My L3 switch ospf is running and i had created static route to cisco AS 200 ip block and i had redistributed into os...

Hi all,I using Cisco 1812 and firmware version is"c181x-adventerprisek9-mz.124-24.T.bin".My problem is PfR that didn't use OSPF as parent route, it only acceptStatic route as parent.My configuration as attach file.Appreciate your kind advise. Thanks....

Resolved! flash memory issue

Hi !I just update Cisco 2501 router from 4 Mb memory flash to 8 Mb. (2 flashs card of 4Mb are installed in the router)4096K bytes of processor board System flash partition 1 (Read/Write)4096K bytes of processor board System flash partition 2 (Read/W...

xine xine by Level 1
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Hi,I need to choose between using 2mb/s MPLS link or direct 2mb/s Telco line. The premises are about 1500km apart. Other than costs, is there anything to consider before choosing? Are there any advantages or disadvantages for choosing MPLS over Dire...

Hi, I have 2 T1 circuits from the ISP and I need to bundle them can anyone assist me with the config? Where would I place the IP address on the physical or logical interface?

bsudol79p by Level 1
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I have two routers and two MPLS WAN links at all locations running EIGRP with a single AS to both WAN providers and when a link failure occurs on one of the WAN links traffic would failover to the other link within seconds. And now recently I moved o...

dtran by Level 6
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Hi1.I am looking for config sample for spoke -to-spoke directly 2.I am looking for config sample for spoke -to-spoke VIA hubThanks in ADVANCE

CCDECCDE9 by Level 1
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While enabling the firewall in SDM, it wiped out the cmd "login local" on my "line con 0". I am not able to find a tool in SDM to add the cmd back in except for ConfigEditor, but I do not know the syntax. I just want to be able to merge the new com...

saugustin by Level 1
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Hi, If I have a prefix-list say :ip prefix-list MJ seq 5 permit advertise it to the coperate BGP table whereby I have say only two /16's in the RIB that falls under range.My question is what would the impact of a prefix-list ...

InternetB by Level 1
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Resolved! ES+ 40 card (7606)

1 port on the ES 40 card has both LED on.documentation says: Green and Amber On: Undefined condition.what is that mean, good, bad ? don't usethanks

I'm trying to get some discussion on what amount of multicast traffic is too much, and how it can be contained or stopped on an interface. I'm posting the results of a 'sho int' from an internet facing router in my network. GigabitEthernet0/1 is up, ...

rsamuel37 by Level 1
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