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Static Routing not working as desired

I would like to divert certain traffic via static route via ADSL internet and on other side have leased internet circuit. when doing trace-route from router it is exiting from ADSL but when doing trace-route from PC it is existing from leased line ci...

Adnan Khan by Participant
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on a router what specific command that i can see the activities (e.g. config changes, parameter , etc.) that a user did on the device? Also, if a user just log on user mode will the device still log his/her activities?

Packet Tracer - Export Activity

Hi,I would like to export the event list generated by Packet Tracer for analysis outside of the software. I haven't been able to find an obvious solution for this. Is there any practical way to do so?Thank you!

huntja by Beginner
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clear ip dhcp bindings

"clear ip dhcp binding a.b.c.d-Clears an automatic address binding from the DHCP server database"does this force the host to lose its IPaddress and request a new ip via dhcp?

ASR1001-X 17.3.X Licensing

Hi All, Need some advise on smart licensing by policy for asr1001x. Currently, I am running 17.3.4a. And I am going to activate bandwidth upgrade license 2.5g --> 10g. Can I only do it through smart license ways or pak will still work?

JF260320 by Beginner
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C1111 - Port-channel

Hi everyone, I just got a hold of a new C1111 router, and I was just wondering is there a particular reason that you can only put routed interfaces (Gi0/0/0 and Gi0/0/1) as members of port-channel or am I doing something wrong here ??? If that's the ...

SZ1111 by Beginner
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Hi,We are setting up msdp peering between two RP's.We have yet to get it fully functioning but when we do "show ip msdp summary" or "show ip msdp peer",  there is a "?" for the SA.We do get logs that the peer is up.The commend we are using isRouter A...

KGrev by Beginner
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ATA interconnect

Hi all,I would like to inerconnect two ATAs via Ethernet/Internet in order to have two telephone sets in differen locatios to call directly each other, without a provider.What parameter setup do I need?Is this possible using a couple of the VOIP mode...

SV2US by Beginner
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