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I am looking at how to best provide load sharing for my company's 2 Internet connections located at two physical locations. I inherited this topology and need to make it work with minimal $$$. We will be looking to acquire our own public IP block a...

j-nagy by Beginner
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I have Cisco 2811 router on which I have some ATM interfaces. I am monitoring this device in some SNMP monitoring tool. Previously it was monitoring those ATM interfaces correctly. But after up gradation of its IOS to IOS 12.4(8c) I am not able to di...

Resolved! memory

Hi,how do I check the current memory of router?sh memory Head Total(b) Used(b) Free(b) Lowest(b) Largest(b)Processor 64478360 146307940 30070236 116237704 82825472 112753508 I/O E000000 33554432 ...

I want to check whether my WAN provider commits to 768 kbps of aggregated real time traffic (DSCP = EF)I started 5 (five) IP SLA UDP JITTER operations on my router, each one sending 180 bytes packets paced at 10 milliseconds each. So 5*180= 900 bytes...

Pretty simple EIGRP question:I have a main headquarters, and three offices directly connected via 10 meg point-to-point links to this office (hub and spoke). I am running EIGRP. For redundancy I am going to connect each of the three branch offices ...

mparella by Beginner
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Greetings,We have about 15 routers and about the same number of switches. I'm getting ready to setup Cisco Network Assistant to manage our devices and it uses CDP. Is there a best practice on the message interval?Thanks,C

Hi May i know wat doe sthe below command mean?network A.A.A.A mask B.B.B.B route-map community-no-export route-map community-no-export permit 10set local-preference 100set community 100:12345 no-exportaccess-list 10 access-list 10 permit

caijunjie by Beginner
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Hi Does anyone know what platform routers the PVC autoprovisioning “create on-demand command” works on. I can see that it is supported on the 7200, 7300, 7600 and 10000 routers but was wondering if any of the lower spec routers can support it in...

I have network consists of HQ and 50 Branches .I'd like to use OSPF .the HQ will be in Area 0 .My question is that should i put each beanch in a separate area (Non Area 0) or i should put all the branches in one non area zero .Pls advice

Hello All, I mistakenly started an xmodem procedure on a wrong router, though no ios has been downloaded before i realized.Now i want to get out of rommon mode and preserve the current configuration but don't know how to get out of rommon.Ev...

newnetman by Beginner
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Quick question: here is the scenario: Site-to-site VPN between 2 routers. Routers separated by public Internet. RFC 1918 addresses on source and destination networks. Question: If in transport mode, IPSec does not encrypt the original IP header, but ...

Hi all,i am trying to set up a source device for IPM. But the source selctor does not show any device. In the LMS portal for IPM indicates under IPM Device Categorization no IPSLA enabled devices. Thank you in advanced.


Which queing and compression techniques are needed to effectively use the available bandwidth for voice traffic? (Choose the best Two)A. CBWFQB. LLQC. PQ or CQD. RTP header compressionE. TCP header compression