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Catalyst 9200 and VRFs limitation

Hi,   in the documentation of the catalyst 9200 switch, we can read: For Catalyst 9200 Series switches the maximum is 4 VRFs on the modular models and 1 VRF on fixed models.   somebody knows if this "4 VRFs" is a "hardware" limitation or "software" l...

s.fasel by Beginner
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Traffic load balancing between multiple port channel

We are running 4 port-channel routed links between two tiers. These tiers are in two different ASs. We are load balancing the traffic between all the PC ECMP links. CEF table shows all the four links as the next hop. But when we looked at the link ut...

KKS2287 by Beginner
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Resolved! Flapping GRE Tunnel Interface

Hi all, I have a flapping GRE tunnel between 2 C2801 (C2801-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.3(14)T4Both routers have several other tunnels working fine and the ISP network doesn't seem to have problems (0.35% loss with ping size 1500). The tunnel goes...

CarloCrz by Beginner
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DEAR ALLi have a cisco c887va router i need to configure the nat pool on it with the secondary public ip from my isb here is the configuration please advise ---------------------------- Building configuration...Current configuration : 5866 bytes!! La...

Access List on 877VA router IOS15.7(3)

Hi guysI recently replaced an 877M-K9 VO1 router with an 877VA-K9 router in order to take advantage of a faster VDSL connection.I massaged the working configuration of the 877M and applied it without the ACLs to the 877VA running IOS 15.7(3) and imme...

eugeneg by Beginner
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Upgrade ROMMON ASR1004-RP2

Hello, I get the following messages upgrade rom-monitor filename bootflash:asr1000-rommon.169_5r_SPA.pkg all :ROMMON upgrade complete. To make the new ROMMON permanent, you must restart the RP. Upgrade rom-monitor on Embedded-Service-Processor 0 Ta...

sebastien3 by Beginner
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Resolved! Basic Router Setup

Hello folks newbie here I've got a Cisco 1921 that my office chucked because of upgrades, I'm just trying to set it up as a basic router (while learning what I can in the process).  Basically want Gi0/0 to be my WAN port and Gi0/1 to be the LAN port....

JLVB83 by Beginner
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New 4331 very slow and intermittent internet

Hello all,  replaced a 2900 router with a new 4331 isr. Worked great for 5 days and then Became increasingly unresponsive. Reset to factory and started from scratch again and it works (local network works great) seeing some packet loss pinging extern...

Jkad432 by Beginner
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Resolved! SSH is not working in Ubuntu /Windows CMD prompt

Hi,I am able to SSH my Router (Physical Device/1841) via Putty terminal.But not able do it through Ubuntu terminal/Windows CMD prompt.Please find below Show SSH output for reference. Router-1841#sh sshConnection Version Mode Encryption Hmac State Use...

Cisconew by Beginner
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