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Cisco RV340 router IPv6 on BT ultrafast FTTP set up help

Hi All,I am running BT ultrafast FTTP and I have replaced my BT smart hub with a Cisco RV340 router.I have it all set up and it's working fine but I don't know how to set up IPv6. I'm stumped with the IPv6 WAN and LAN settings. Here are the relevant ...

Screenshot_2020-07-11 RV340 Dual WAN Gigabit VPN Router.png Screenshot_2020-07-11 RV340 Dual WAN Gigabit VPN Router1.png
gjr by Beginner
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Cisco c1111-8P and PoE.

Hi All! Recently i bought Cisco c1111-8P. The data sheet  says: But in console: Router#show power inline gigabitEthernet 0/1/0 detail Interface Gi0/1/0: inline power not supported Router#show power inline gigabitEthernet 0/1/1 detail Interface Gi0/...


Resolved! DMVPN phase 3 with ipsec-

 I understand the first packet traverses the HUB > Destination spoke. But would the response packet still traverse the Hub > source Spoke, or is it gonna come back via the IPsec tunnel which the source -spoke created upon receiving NHRP shortcut ( if...

kasun by Beginner
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Multiple ARP entries by Cisco WAP

Hi Guys,I have connected one Cisco WAP AIR-CAP27 to Router Switch C3850, having local DHCP configured.When I enable interface, switch start filling multiple arp entries from DHCP.Please suggest if I'm missing something. arp, switching, wapIts a new r...

Resolved! Global to VRF NAT Issue

TLDR: When I try to NAT from the global routing instance to a VRF using an IP address in the same subnet as the router, the router doesn't reply to ARP requests for the NAT'd IP. I'm having some issues with one-to-one static NAT entries when going fr...

ebng by Beginner
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Can access internet with router but not with PC

Hi all,  Im having an issue with my setup.   Have  ISP ---> g0/0 router g0/1 ----> switch----> PC.   I can ping google from the router but not the PC.  I can ping the ISP modem from the pc but cant seem to get past it.  Below is the routers running c...

cswallace1 by Beginner
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ISR 4000 encryption license

Spoiler  Hi,Cisco ISR 4000 to be connected to inmarsat ( satellite internet) to provide voice services between a mobile station (remote) and the fixed back end (hq) over internet with encryption usin AES256 bit, there will be 16 analogue telephones, ...

ASR9K L3 Load-balancing Bundle-Ethernet

Hello, I have an ASR9K with RSP440 and experiencing packet loss when pinging next hop devices which are Nokia 7750. I have 2 x bundle-ethernet interfaces configured to 2 different Nokia 7750s. There are 3x10G interfaces in each bundle. My question is...

Local DHCPv4 Server in IOS XR 6.6.3

Hi Can anyone confirm if local DHCPv4 Server is possible on this XR version.I have read a lots of docs and it show relay,proxy for DHCPv4 and also DHCPv6 but not DHCPV4 Server where clients can be assigned from local pool on the router itself,

maileh by Beginner
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Using a separate physical link for a VPN

Hi Everyone,So I have two routers in two different cities , and an Eth-Trunk between them carries the traffic, we are using MPLS VPN (our IGP is ISIS), and using RR , now my question is we have a new connection a gig interface between two routers, is...

EIGRP asymmetric Routing loops

Dear All,Below are the scenario explanations:# I have Four locations and each location have two cisco routers and connected using point to point leased line and have HSRP running on them.# All the routers are learning routes using single EIGRP dynami...

kai.ny111 by Beginner
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Output Drops

Hello I have many output drops as router as switch how can I fix this ? R1#show int gig 4GigabitEthernet4 is up, line protocol is upHardware is iGbE, address is 0087.6466.6fa0 (bia 0087.6466.6fa0)Internet address is ***********/30MTU 1500 bytes, BW 1...