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Hi,Hope you are doing well.I have the following devices in my network- 2 * Cisco Switch 3560- Cisco Switch 3750 MLSevery Cisco Switch 3560 have different Vlans and subnets, first Cisco Switch have:GIS_SWVLAN 30Network: 40Ne...


I seem to have something configured wrong. I have 3 vlans on my L3 Switch and all 3 are configured as L2. vlan 12 can ping vlan 1,12 and 13vlan 12 can ping vlan 1, 12 and 13vlan 1 can ping 12 but not 13. Here is my IP Route, then the error message th...

fbeye by Enthusiast
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HiI want to change my accounting System From RADIUS to Netflow(Flexible)for PPPoE users on an ASR1001-X.I have some questions about this task:1- Is there any configuration to pass Username of Subscriber inside the Netflow records?In this case subscri...

Consider the diagrammed MPLS configuration CE1 .a -- .b PE1 -- P1 -- P2 -- PE2 .c -- .d CE2 .e and "no mpls ip propagate-ttl" configured at PE1, P1, P2, and PE2. A trace route from CE1 to CE2 reports a MPLS label when egressing PE2:Type escape sequen...

tomc.pnnl by Beginner
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May someone comment on the expected speed of the fans in a isr4431?   They seem to run constantly between 8500 and 11000rpm which seems really excessive and very noisy.  Is this the norm?   Rob

I bought a used router on Ebay and it didn't come with a compacted flash. Also it only boots to ROMMON. I bought this for lab work for getting my CCNA. I can't seem to find any good reference online to what to do. I sent a IOS over Xmodem. but the fl...

Hi All,I am in a situation where I am trying to cut over clients one at a time from the existing wan connection to our new BGP circuit.  The problem that I am encountering is that the return traffic is exiting out the current wan link and not over th...

brb719648 by Beginner
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I have a customer who only has one /23  network in their datacenter where DNAC will be deployed and would like to assign ip addresses from this one /23 to management, enterprise, Cluster interfaces and CIMC interfaces.  I informed the Customer this w...

We are running a CSR with two tunnel links into a site.  We are learning the same BGP routes from each interface because they got to the same place and the remote locations can use either one.   That all seems to work.  Where I have an issue is that ...

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