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I have created the most simple scenario to try and understand the update-source command and yet I cannot seem to get these two devices to peer. Trying to peer loopback5 on R500 with g0/2 on R4. Everything is reachable via OSPF, I cannot make sense of...

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Resolved! Proxy-Arp

Hi Friendwhat happend if i am configuring "no ip proxy-arp" command at interface ? please explain ....-Minu

minumathur by Level 1
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Hello,i am receiving logmessage on my nsc 57c3mod  procfs_server[412]: get_partition_file_count: Failed to get partition file count for apphost:  any idea what is it about? google cant find anything about it.Label : 7.9.2cisco NCS-5500 () processor

divadko by Level 1
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Hello Experts,We are having some intermittent issue with internet.When I did traceroute the ISP IP I found the below sometime I get RTO on 7 hop. What does it mean? Can anyone please explain?  

ankitohc by Spotlight
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Hello, In past there was option to check flash from ROMMON - via fsck command In nowdays this option is completaly missing, I was doing this check on ISR...

Hi Team We have a pair of ISR4451s, with  IOS XE Software, Version 16.12.08, but, i think they have reached their throughput limit, based on some articles i have read and the output in the screeshot...  Monitor CPU Usage on ISR4300 Series - Cisco Al...

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Hi Geeks,We have 2 layer 2 circuits between our data centers connecting to 2 different Nexus 9k switches on both ends. Is it possible to achieve a load sharing or an auto-failover in case of one circuit going down. Currently we switch routes manually...

Hello !I experienced a strange issue with VTWe have tree routers connected via VTIs:R1 Tunnel52<--->Tunnel21 [Backup] BR Tunnel22<------> Tunnel52 R2R1 is connected to another location through multiple VTI tunnels, all of which utilize the same physi...

Hi !Do i have to enable "ip nbar protocol-discovery" on an interface i want to use NBAR on to classify traffic or is that command just used for statistics ?Thanks,Michael

mkoch by Level 4
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