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Backup link

Please how to configure a backup link on broadcast interface (Ethernet), without apply dynamic routing and protocol Vrrp, Hcrp, glbp.Please it is very emergency, every suggest will be appreciate.Thank Stephane

Reduant internet with 2 different ISP's

I'm looking at setting up an internet connection with 2 different ISP's for High Availability.When one goes down we want to stay live as we have a critical application that will be running over the internet.Was looking at getting 1 T1 from each ISP a...

amcleod by Beginner
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ADSL WIC for 2801

Hi Everyone.I wonder if a ADSL WIC is configured with the same comands on a 1700 than on a 2801 w/voip. I say this because I can only find the configuration guide for 1700, but I am not sure if the cli commands are the same?Can someone point me in th...

getmedrew by Beginner
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need a ppoe expert that can help

I am am about to get my ccna so i know basic configuration. I been configuring routers for about 8 years now but not cisco routers. I just bought an adsl wic and it has an rj11 phone interface. I wasnt expecting that. I need to know how does a dsl mo...

natalg123 by Beginner
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Dual OSPF Default Routes

Let me clear this up. I have 2 internet connections that I need to load balance across as well as use for failover. What I need to do is have my Internet routers advertise via OSPF default route, but I need DMZ1 (PIX1) to be routed out Router1 and ...


there is problem in using SNMP with NAT ,I found that the ALG can solve some problems about NAT (for example DNS-ALG) , but i can't find the same thing about SNMP.does Cisco routers have a solution about that or not?Regards,Mohsen

QoS :: Trffic shaping

hi,I want to apply Qos at our network, we have main router 3600 and the remote sites connected to this main router (1600 & 1700 series), these remote sites connected through F.R OR TDM.i need to apply this Qos (traffic shaping) at the interfaces of t...

paltel by Beginner
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policy-based routing question

I have an edge router that has multiple upstreams and im implementing policy routing to make the appropiate next hops...thats not a problem. Issue is, i now have to add another step to the route-map to specify that specific source addresses need to ...

Routing not working correctly between 3885 and 3662

Ok, I have a new 3885, that we use for our wan, have a pre-exisiting 3662, which also talks with an ACC router, that we are doing away with. problem is, the 3885 WILL NOT get routinf table from ACC, it will get 3662's but not ACC's. But the 3662 DOES...

asmith by Beginner
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Resolved! service-policy input purpose?

Hi, guys!Can someone explain me for which purpose i need ingress queuing by subj. command.AFAIK, queuing is only make sense in "egress side": if output interface rate much slower then current ingress data streams. I just can't understand how router w...

Kypamop by Beginner
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Non-Contiguous OSPF Backbone

I need to connect non-contiguous backbone of two ospf networks. The links will connect them are non-equal cost; one serial, the other one is Ethernet.Your opanion or a URL for the matter is appreciated. Thank you

samisalim by Beginner
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Redistribution of static routes into EIGRP

Hi all,I'm currently testing the feature of EIGRP whereby static routes are automatically redistributed into EIGRP if a 'network' statement covering the static route exists. Note that I'm NOT using 'redistribute static' under the EIGRP process.On on...

pkhatri by Advisor
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1841 router

hello everyone,see i have two new 1841 routers with wic-2t and wic-1t.These routers are connected via vsat link.ports of vsat modem are rs-232.I am using smart serial rs-232 dte cable at one end(router with wic-2t card) and normal rs-232 dte cable at...

a.kachroo by Beginner
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Cisco 1751 dynamic Tunnel to an static Tunnel

Hello NG,i have a great problem with one of my Cisco 1751.2 offices with static ip and one with a dynamic ip-adress.The office with the dynamic ip-adress was using before changing the provider a static ip-adress with sdsl. Now we are using adsl with ...