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I'm configuring OSPF authentication in a lab on Packet Tracer. I have two PCs, two Catalyst 2960 switches, and three 4331 routers. I have configured PC-A and R1 and I tried pinging them, but I noticed something while I was pinging them.Here is my set...

AWCyber by Level 1
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Hello all,I need help troubleshooting a multicast config, I am new to this network and I don't know much about multicast routing. I was told that multicast worked before VLANs were introduced. IP multicast is enabled on the core switch (cisco C9500-2...

I have a SG350x-48P that I have turned L3 on.  I have 4 VLANS that all have and DHCP Pools for each.  They all hand out IP addresses on their respective interface that have the vlan membership.  I have one connection to and ASR1001 and...

pgreen by Level 1
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Hi guys, I have a problem with the router on a stick. I am trying to ping from R1 to S1 interface But ping does not work. I have doubled the basis IP configuration for R1 and S1. There is no typo error so far. The address is ...

Hello , I need to know under which circumstances we have to use (set ip next-hop verify-availability) while doing PBR. Please correct me if I am wrong that even if i use (set ip next-hop) command instead of set ip next-hop verify-availability insid...

I'm having trouble with mgre configuration of a spoke using point-to-point gre and a hub router, EIGRP does not seem to work and does not show in routing table for r7 and have it ping to r12 through mgre. Note: There are other routes for Hub router a...

CiscoAmd by Level 1
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Hello!!I configured an Etherchannel two interfaces (Gi0/37 and Gi0/39) in a CiscoWS-C2960G-48TC-L, which is connected to an HP Blade, where they spend 2vlan (16 and 17).The point is that they got these interfaces on a trial and upload these were in s...

c.perez.l by Level 1
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